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The Basics About The Ving Safety Program And Why You Need It


What if I told you that one of the best things about the Ving safety program wasn't the tool at all? More often than not when we ask our customers, "Why did you renew?" They tell us a few things.


1. The tool is easy to use.

2. The prebuilt training content is helpful and easy to customize.


and then they say, "Oh yea, Ving Success! We couldn't do it without them."


Today we are going to walk you through the basics about the Ving safety program and why you need it but more specifically — Ving Success.


What Is Included

When you purchase a license of Ving you, of course, get the software, access to our free template library, and a Ving Success Manager. From here your license can include seats, premium content topics, and more.


Let's Talk About Success

Your Ving Success Manager is really the thing you can not live without. We believe being proactive is the key to a successful program. Your Ving Success Manager is educated on the product and equipped with ears for listening to your company goals and concerns.


We take the time to learn about your specific wants and needs. From here our team gives you the best practices custom created to you. These tips are crafted based on research, other customers, and your needs.


From here we check in with your company every 4 - 6 weeks. You are never left to worry about your safety program and culture alone.


Content Calendar & Other Assets

The Ving Success team has a variety of assets that can be provided to you as we see fit. An example of this is our content calendar. This calendar is again built on years of research, best practices, and your needs. We do all the thinking for you!


So if you are ready for a platform that does all the thinking for you request a demo of Ving today.


5 Easy Steps To Getting Started With The Ving Safety Program


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