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Ving customers are using tech to manage their way through COVID-19 and preparing for post-pandemic.


We are going to keep this short and sweet and tell you exactly what makes us stand apart from the other safety programs.


1. We are online.

2. We have analytics based on topics and people.

3. We have real-time notifications delivered to your regular inbox.

4. We do not require employees to log in to a system in order for you to get analytics.

5. Training can be consumed on mobile or desktop.

6. Training pre-built for you.

7. A personal customer success/support manager.

8. A customer dedicated blog filled with best practices and tips for success.

9. Ongoing safety training evaluation and consulting.

10. Easy to create, share, and customize content.


So there you have it. 10 reasons we think — we know — Ving stands out. If you are using a safety training system that doesn't offer analytics, 24 support, hands-on consulting, and an easy to use tool... you need to talk to us here at Ving! Chat someone today!