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Keep your employees in the know so you can improve your quality standards.

Since buying our own home and getting married I have learned that trash comes in all shapes and sizes. Dirt piles up quicker and stickier than ever before. Whether it is in our kitchen, our cars, or our living room trash and dirt seem to find its way around.



If you work in or own a small business (or any business really) you know first hand that waste happens. Whether you are wasting time, money, or energy trash builds up quick. If you’re in manufacturing, reducing waste is a part of your daily quality objectives. I’ve learned that if I ever want to see a difference in our dirt level my husband and I (your workers and you) need to have the same quality objectives.

According to Forbes, “The U.S. manages to produce a quarter of the world’s waste despite the fact that its population of 300 million is less than 5% of the world’s population, according to 2005 estimates.” The year 2005 was quite some time ago but the moral is still the same (no doubt the estimates have skyrocketed even higher). We have a lot of waste and we (the workers and companies of America) need to do anything and everything to reduce and eliminate waste.

  1. Communicate Regularly

It is important when aligning quality objectives to have regular communication. Daily my husband and I will create task lists. These usually consist of things that need done or projects that are in the works. To eliminate wasting time and energy your team needs to be on the same quality objective page. To do this you need to communicate regularly.


Here are some of the tools we use to communicate with our team, customers, and followers.

  • Buffer - For social media content distribution.
  • Wunderlist - For assigning tasks and managing projects.
  • Ving - To create and share interactive, engaging content.
  1. Research

I grew up in a house where bulk shopping was the only option. I personally have not quite figured out the staples in our house so bulk shopping isn’t really an option yet — unless we want to have a lot of waste. To maintain your quality objectives and eliminate waste your team needs to complete all the appropriate research, otherwise your costs and waste will be through the roof. When conducting research make sure to take a look at your competitors, industry standards, and goals.

  1. Work Together

Maintaining quality objectives, eliminating waste, and lowering costs are all about working together. If you want to be successful, your team needs to constantly be working together to reach your quality objective goals. To build a team that works together try some of these engagement ideas.

  • Company lunches.
  • Employee scavenger hunt.
  • Health and wellness activities.

When communicating these points to your team use Ving. Ving will allow you to know who has seen your content and who is ready to make your company's quality objective their main priority.

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