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The Sound of Digital Communication Across The World

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The universal language. The bond between generations. The glue that holds everything together. Music created an unbreakable emotional attachment to our journeys, across the globe.   


After being in the music industry for more than 20 years and working with artists like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and even producing a grammy winning album this year, I can attest that musicians are the ultimate entrepreneurs. They are marketing to an audience larger than any other business and through multiple barriers.


Technology is one of the barriers that musicians are constantly breaking down. However, technology is also one of the tools they use to break down other barriers like distance and language. Social media apps have allowed people to stay connected internationally. Though the digital divide is still an apparent obstacle in some parts of the globe — we are seeing more and more people have access to technology.


I have traveled to six countries in the last twelve days and have personally witnessed technology becoming a necessity over plumbing. People who in the past may have been isolated by geographic boundaries now have access to a plethora of information. It is not just about social media. Access to the internet and a smartphone gives people instant access to knowledge, self-improvement (for example free online classes, Ted talks, and other free content) and global communication — something their grandparents and even parents would not have dreamed about.


Besides the ability to self-educate, technology is changing the world. We now have the ability to create water purifiers and internet dishes through solar energy. More than 600 million people do not have access to clean water, and technology is going to change that number. Countries that had zero access to electricity no longer have to be delayed thanks to solar powered internet dishes.


Education Through Technology

Through solar powered internet dishes and local internet cafes, I received an email from a 19-year-old gentlemen from West Africa. He grew up in a family where if they didn’t create food… they didn’t eat. In this email, he asked if I would come to his country to help mentor him in creating a successful business, so I did! He now owns and operates a successful business, a house, a car, and has 300 employees. He utilized his access to the internet to connect to me and now today he is living his dreams.


Technology Growth

Technology is constantly growing and evolving around the world. A throwback to when I first started in my field — social media didn't exist. Social media has changed everything. So many people are staying connected, sharing music, ideas, and knowledge through social media. With social media, a dog doesn’t have to be a dog on the internet. People (and dogs) can be whoever they want to be! It has broken down the social barriers and has allowed users to be judged on knowledge and character over appearances.


The exciting part about all of this is that there will be a piece of technology for this generation that was not there when they started. In 10 years we will have something new and we could be having this conversation again.


Final Thoughts

I personally get “little kid excited” every time I go to use the internet. We live in a time where we can go places that we have never gone before, so go. Like the 19-year-old did, be bold and reach out. You will never accomplish anything if you don’t at least try. If there is someone in your field that you want to connect with — connect.


Like every entrepreneur (musicians included) explore and try something new, especially with your digital communication. If you continue doing the same thing day after day you will never find that truly wonderful thing that changes our world for the better.


And above all else, be you. You will be surprised how accepting the world can be when you are true to yourself. Be passionate about everything you do — and listen to a few new songs on your way.


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