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The Ultimate Weekly Safety Topic Calendar


Planning is the key to success. I learned this while listening to a Podcast by Rachel Hollis. It has been one of the most valuable pieces of information I have learned this year. If you want to have a successful day, week, month, year you have to plan.


How do you think you will be successful if you don't set yourself up for success?


The above applies to your daily routines and your safety program. You need to have a safety calendar so you can be successful.


Now if you have Ving email your Ving Success Manager and ask them about your safety calendar. I am serious they probably already have one for you! Stop reading this blog and email them!!


Okay now for those of you who are not using Ving here are 7 parts you must include to have the ultimate weekly safety topic calendar.


1. Days of the Week.

Okay, I know this is not monumental, but you have to start somewhere. Open up a Google Sheet/Excel/Numbers and put in the days of the week. Make sure you include the weekends. I am sure you have weekend workers, and even if you don't, you should visualize your days of rest. Rest is a reward. You deserve it.


2. Delivery Time.

Your content needs to be delivered at the same time from week to week. So schedule a time that you are going to deliver your microburst training. We suggest mornings. There is no better way to start your day than with some encouragement from your management staff and a safety tip or two.


3. Content Name.

Okay, now you need to include your content name. When picking the topic, you are going to share make sure that you keep in mind; OSHA suggestions, dorky holidays, and seasonal training.


4. Deadlines.

You need to have a deadline. This is the due date of your training. When do you want your employees to have the training 100% complete.


5. Reminders.

It is unbelievably crucial to include reminders on your weekly calendar. If your deadline is Friday to have the training completed, you need to have a reminder go out on Thursday morning to remind your employees they have 24 hours to complete the training.


6. Goals.

Along with deadlines and reminders, you need to set Goals on your calendar. You need to be working toward something. Make sure your goals have something you can reach. Have 40% of our employees complete the training 100%. Have 75% of our employees watch 90% of the videos. Whatever your goals are make sure you have them and make sure they are measurable.


7. A Complete Date.

Have a column to write down when a task is completed. This will help you understand your routine, and if you are regularly late, maybe you need to adjust your deadlines, reminders, and goals. Don't beat yourself up just be aware of your time.


So there you have it. When you include these seven parts to your calendar, you will have the ultimate safety topics calendar.



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