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Top 5 Benefits Of Online Safety Training And Microburst Learning


Are you struggling with delivering modern safety training to your remote workers? If yes, it is time that you rethink how you go about it. With remote workers spread across different locations, online safety training provides the best option to deliver the training. However, their busy schedules call for a more robust and effective method of training. That is where microburst learning comes in. This mode of learning comes in few minutes-length courses, usually focusing on a single skill or concept. This makes them easy to understand and retain. In addition, they can be streamed on different types of devices, which makes them suitable for people working in remote locations.


Here are 5 ways online safety training and microburst learning can benefit remote work for your organization.


1. Standardized Training

Providing consistent and standard safety training messages to all employees is a major struggle for most organizations. This is because it is hard to pull all employees at the same time from their work for training without hurting production. Most organizations result in delivering training in groups at different times and probably with different instructors.


Online safety training helps standardize the training. Regardless of the time a worker gets time for the training or where they are working from, they can get the same information now and for days to come. In addition, online safety training allows you to offer the same training to a multilingual workforce. You can integrate simultaneous translation equipment to your online training platform to ensure that your workers get the message in the language of their preference. If they have trouble accessing them, the participants should check good reviews of different VPNs and use the one that fits them best to get access from anywhere in the world.


5 Easy Steps To Getting Started With The Ving Safety Program


2. Microburst Learning Tools Do The Work For You

As an employer or manager, you are probably stretched too thin between tasks. Having one less task on your desk frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other pressing matters. Engaging a microburst-learning tool for safety training ensures that you have one less task to worry about as it does most of the work for you.


Ving ensures that you are compliant by allowing you to customize training to your state’s safety requirements. You can add videos, images, and content that your employees can relate to. Your remote team receives microburst safety talks that align with OSHA requirements among other general safety talks. It also helps you in monitoring employees’ training by keeping track of their progress and sending automated reminders to employees at their best time of training.


3. Quick Access To Answers

Remote workers often find themselves at a standstill when faced with difficulties, need answers or require assistance, but they can’t reach their supervisors. Oftentimes, even online searches don’t provide answers that align with organizations’ procedures. As said earlier, microburst courses can be streamlined over mobile phones, making them easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. For instance, if your remote worker is stuck in an elevator, he or she can easily access the safety training on the same and know what to do in an instant. Microburst training also comes in handy in other situations. If, for example, your worker wants to upload large files to share with other colleagues, it becomes easy to retrieve approved instructions and apply them right where he or she is.


4. Enhances Message Retention

The average learner has a very short attention span. Long training sessions for such learners are normally ineffective. Microburst learning consists of 3 to 5 minutes sessions that highlight the key points and offer a short assessment. This makes it easier for employees to retain the safety training that they have received. You can actually use microburst learning to keep safety training content top of mind when and where they need it. For instance, you can cover full training on safe driving in winter way before the season, and send a microburst learning course when the season starts. This way, employees are reminded of the key points in an easy-to-absorb format.


5. Saves Time

It can be hard to take time for training in a busy schedule that most remote workers have. However, they get time to look at their phones throughout the day. You can use this passive use of mobile phones to pass important safety messages in microbursts. Your remote workers get their safety training without having to disorganize their schedules trying to find time for training.



Safety training is very crucial for remote workers in sensitizing them on their wellbeing in their remote working locations. Online training and microburst learning provide an effective way to do this. You can be sure of standardized learning, instant problem-solving answers, and high information retention without taking too much time off your remote workers’ busy schedules. In addition, you have an easy time offering safety training with a good microburst-learning tool.


5 Easy Steps To Getting Started With The Ving Safety Program

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