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Top Communication Tools for Business: 12 Email Statistics



Email is still one of the most popular communication tools for business. Check out these twelve statistics on how much we send and receive email.

*This post has been updated for accuracy.

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon working on my laptop at Panera Bread. This remote-work location comes with several bonuses: tasty food, free internet, and lots of people to watch. Seated at a table near the front counter, I casually observed people standing in line.

Suddenly I wondered what people used to do while waiting in line before the invention of smartphones. No really, I tried to picture it. In some cases, people would have to stand in line for at least five or ten minutes – so what did they do? Did they just look down at their shoes until it was their turn to be served? Did they bring along a book or a magazine, anticipating having to wait in line?

It’s hard to remember the way things were because of the way things are now: everyone waiting in a line usually has their heads bent down toward a small digital screen. And aside from texting, I can guarantee that one of the things they’re doing is checking their email.

Because email is still everything.

It’s still among the most popular workplace communication toolsfor business. It’s still one of the methods parents prefer to receive communication from their child’s teacher or school. It’s one of the annoying kinds of work that follows us everywhere because it’s everywhere our phones are.

In many ways, much of our day-to-day communication is still all about email. But at some point, we might need to ask ourselves if this is the most effective way we could be communicating. Are we really engaged with the email we're reading while waiting in line at Panera, or are we just going through the motion of opening it? Are we gaining any knowledge or are we just doing it to get rid of that annoying notification icon?

Ving digital packets enhance existing communication platforms to make information sharing feel like less of a nuisance and more productive. Start knowing and stop just doing.

I’m not saying that email itself is good or bad; I’m just saying that we still use it. A lot. So, in the spirit of reminding ourselves how much we (and the entire world) use email, check out the following twelve email statistics:

Sending and receiving tons of email

  • We send approximately 90 trillion emails per year.
  • We send an estimated 294 billion emails every day.
  • 8 million emails are sent every second.

How many of those messages are being seen? That's a lot of doing and not a lot of knowing. Vings are trackable so you know when your information has been delivered, and when it was viewed.

Sending and receiving tons of email at work

  • A typical corporate user sends and receives about 110 messages daily.
  • The average number of corporate emails received is 75 per day.
  • The average number of legitimate corporate emails received daily is 62.
  • The average number of corporate span emails is 13 per day.

Let's be honest. You aren't engaged with all 75 of those emails. At most, you might skim the majority of them and flag a few for later. Ving analytics show real-time engagement with each component of your digital packet, so you always know what part of your content was skipped over.

Sending and receiving tons of email anytime, anywhere

  • 62% of people check work email on the weekends.
  • 59% of people check email from the bathroom.
  • 55% of mobile email users upgraded to a new phone just to get email.

(Side note: Unless it’s a life or death situation, why would you feel the need to check your email in the bathroom?)

Vings can be shared with anyone, anywhere and viewed on any device. Post your Ving's short URL to your social media site, share it in an email, put it in a company portal — the possibilities are endless, and so is the engagement.

Admitting our addiction to email

  • Email is the preferred method of commercial communication by 74% of all online adults.
  • 26% of users check their personal email account four or more times per day.
  • 30% of people check email two to three times per day.
  • 60% of work email accounts get checked one or more times a day.

Despite the fact that standard email has not changed much in the past twenty years, it is still a very popular communication tool, especially in business. Enhance your communication tools for business with Ving and start closing your communication engagement gap today


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