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11/11/20 6:00 AM Shawn Richards


The drill press is an integrated woodworking machine that can be used for many tasks. These tips or tricks can ensure the full advantage of this machine.


Finding the perfect drill press for your daily activities can be quite troublesome. There are many fake reviewers out there. Finding an honest review and using it to make sure you get your best drills are crucial.


So, you want to turn your drill press into a precision drilling center? Use the following techniques to ease up the drilling process.


These homemade and convenient tricks will ensure your work speed to the fullest.


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1. Drill Vertical Holes with Wooden Planks

It is a quick repair device, next time you need to drill a vertical hole at the end of a long workpiece, it will be very convenient.


Please coat the two 2x4, one 9" long and the other 17" long, to make the clip. Then, connect the side facing the workpiece with the drill press to form an ideal 90° angle.


Then connect the surface and edge of the 11⁄2 x 2 x 10 "fence with a perfect 90 ° angle. Use the frame square to align the two parts at 90°.


Then, fix the wall to the fixture with glue. Use four 8 x 21⁄2 inch flat head wood screws to glue a piece of 150 grit sandpaper to the fixture. Now, clamp the fixture to the drill press, clamp the workpiece to the fixture, and you can drill.


2. Reposition and Terminate Sawdust

You might have used a chainsaw to cut the wheels of toys many times. Almost always, sawdust will clog saws, wood will burn, and smoke will fill your shop.


Now, position the saw hole on the rootstock's edge to create an escape route for the sawdust: no more blocking, no more smoke.


3. Protect your Fingers with Handcrafted Disc

You can buy an 8-inch adjustable round cutter to cut the clock face. while using this cutter, the arm of the spinner may make one feel scared. Take protective measures and keep your fingers away from danger using a 1⁄4-inch acrylic.


The protective cover is installed between the tool and the drill chuck, and the transparent plastic allows you to see the work.


4. Homemade Grab Plug

Have you ever tried to unblock a blocked cork from a chainsaw? If so, you will know that opening wooden workpieces can cause a lot of damage.


However, after constructing this grabber, you can release these wooden pieces by quickly turning your wrist.


The size is 1" wider and about 10" longer than the circular plug to be cut. Rotate it to the edge, and drill a hole in the 3⁄16-inch machine screw.


Then, drill countersinks and holes on the surface of the workpiece with serrations from the handle's end to the spot.


The plug must protrude about 1⁄4 inch below the teeth of the electric saw for the grab to work. Therefore, when cutting a circle, do not lower the teeth all the way through the anvil.


Instead, drill down until the pilot bit turns the workpiece and completes the cut from the back.


5. Countersunk Center Hinge Bolts

Even experienced cabinet manufacturers can feel frustrated by centering screws in the hinges. It is impossible to do with the naked eye, and if you only make a few doors, you may not want to buy a particular self-centering bit to help with the job.


After inserting the hinge into the panel:

  • Insert a countersink bit into the drill bit and drill into each screw hole.

  • Do not increase the screw hole.

  • Remember, the center of the bolt slot is the lowest point of the countersink.


6. Drill Dead Holes

Drilling a hole in the center of a short pin seems complicated, but this method is simple. Fix the chipboard on the drill table and drill a hole with the same diameter as the bolt.


Without moving the circuit board, insert the hooks into the holes. Insert the drill bit with the smaller hole on the drill bit, and you can drill out the center of the positioning pin.


7. Paint Rollers the Perfect Bumpers

After finishing the small rolling saw blades, polish them to a beautiful luster with a drill press. First, cut a 9-inch paint roller cover to the same length as the sanding drum.


It is essential to use high-quality objects with a phenolic plastic core. Next, sand the inside of the roller section with sandpaper. Sand the drums 1 inch until they fit snugly on the 11⁄2-inch drum.


Apply the polishing agent to one part of the paint roller and then polish it with the other leg. The 1⁄2-inch roller for nap time works well. You can also polish metal elements, like jewelry and hardware, with this technique.


8. Hold the Bolts Firmly

Cut the pin part first and then figure out a way to drill holes in thin slices. During the drilling process, the lever firmly leaned the cut dowel on the V-groove.


The same setup with a wider V-shaped notch is perfect for drilling holes in toy wheels.


9. Drilling Evenly Spaced Holes Quickly

Sometimes you need to drill uniformly placed holes. Suppose the length of your ruler is at least half the length of the workpiece. In that case, you can measure accurately without the need for mathematical operations. Here is how to do it.


First, use a drilling machine to measure, mark, and drill the standard center hole. Find and drill two spots closest to the center when you need an even number of holes.


Place the drill bit in the hole, rest the frame standard against the fence, and clamp the ruler on the wall so that the end of the bar is aligned in easy-to-remember increments.


Now, lift the drill bit and move the workpiece so that the end is aligned with the next interval increment. When the spacing is 1", slide the workpiece to the 10" mark; for 1⁄2 inch spacing, move it to 101⁄2 inches.


Then, drill the next hole. Continue to the next increment, hit again, and so on, until the end of the workpiece is reached. Rotate the standard end also and repeat the process from the center hole.


10. Use Pan to Hold Metal Shavings

Metal shavings hidden in sawdust can cause severe damage if it is pulled into the dust collection system and hits the impeller blades.


Place a pan under the workpiece to get rid of the problems.



Before using an electric drill, please take safety measurements to prevent injuries. Do not wear gloves or wrap your hands, fingers, or clothes with anything on the rotary drill as a rotary drill tends to wrap these things in the blade and can do devastating damage.


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Author Bio: Shawn Richards is an incredible content writer and business blogger. Being a creative individual, he also shows interest in the business world and aims to make boring business articles interesting. Apart from writing, he is also a successful businessman that helps him to create useful yet enticing business blogs.


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