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What the Family Feud Can Teach Us about Effective Email Communication


Survey1Include surveys in your emails to create effective email communication. The best emails have an interactive questionnaire element.

"Survey says...!" All those hours spent watching the Family Feud years ago taught me that we all love to see the results of surveys. What did other people think and how does it compare with my views?

We all like to offer our opinion and feedback. Standard emails don't provide the best vehicle for encouraging this type of communication. The addition of a survey in email can add this new interactive element that is commonly missing.

Here are eight reasons why effective email communicationincludes surveys:

  1. Standard email is boring! Spice it up by doing something new and interesting. Including a survey in an email makes your communication stand out from the clutter of email.
  2. Offer recipients an opportunity to interact! It’s not often that we are given a way to actively participate in the structured exchange of meaningful information. Surveys make this happen.
  3. Let people see how their opinion compares to others! With survey answers, you can show people how their responses compare to others.
  4. Structure the conversation! Questions enable the sender to focus the recipient’s attention on the most important, meaningful action items.
  5. Automate mundane scheduling! Survey questions can show you when everybody can get together for a meeting without the usual time-wasting back and forth messages.
  6. Prepare for meetings! Start the brainstorming before the meeting, and discuss the results during your meeting to make the best use of your time together.
  7. Check for understanding! Survey questions enable the sender to check for recipient understanding and provide the opportunity to clarify misconceptions before incorrect action is taken.
  8. Make sure they got it and are taking action! No response means they didn’t get it and interact. Intervene to get things moving.


Today's blog post written by Brad Gant

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