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The Ultimate Quick Guide to Ving Reporting Services

With the Ving dashboard, reporting services has never been easier. For each piece of information you’ve shared in a digital packet, Ving gives you valuable real-time feedback that allows you to keep tabs on HR services and employee requirements. Read more

Boardman Local Schools Bridges the Student Engagement Gap with Ving

Boardman Local Schools is a school district in suburban Ohio serving more than 4,500 students at four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The district employs 500 teachers and administrators. Before discovering the student engagement and communications benefits of Ving, Boardman’s primary mode of information sharing with students and parents was through a robotic phone...Read more

3 Myths About Real Time Analytics

There is a limit to how perfectly you can predict how people will react to your strategies, and that is why monitoring consumer data is vital to success. Real time analytics provide you with insights immediately, so you can make quick changes to policies and procedures based on your results — rather than waiting for data compiled over a long period of time. The world we live in today is one where...Read more

Advice We've Ever Heard on How To Improve Sales That Won’t Fly in 2016

The new year is well on it’s way and if your office is anything like ours you have projects happening left and right, so your new year starts off on the right foot. 2016 has a load of trend changes that we need to pay attention to. Check out this slide deck Hubspot put together covering things to expect in 2016. Read more

How to Improve Sales with 4 Innovative Social Media Marketing Trends

Looking at the social media trends of 2016 it’s easy to see how to improve sales by reaching a larger audience through these ever-growing platforms. If you’ve ever logged into a social media site, chances are you’ve experienced first-hand some type of social media marketing. Instagram shows you promoted images, Twitter sneaks ads into your feed, and Pinterest has a ‘buy it’ button. Since Facebook...Read more

By Closing the Sales Engagement Gap - You Can Close More Sales

Do you have a gap in your sales engagement cycle? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, research cites that 60% of buyers are disengaged from the sales process. Your sales process is critical to the health of your business. When gaps occur in your pipeline, it opens the door for competitors to steal prospects that have stalled in your sales cycle, and you risk losing the revenue you need to grow your...Read more

New Year’s Resolutions: Clean Your Clutter and Increase Productivity

Use the new year as a fresh start for revamping your virtual office. Increase productivity and improve organization by cleaning up your virtual clutter. The new year is usually considered a fresh start to achieving goals and tasks that will improve your life and wellbeing. In fact, half of Americans make a New Year’s resolution each January– most dealing with self-improvement. Weight loss is...Read more

Data Driven Decisions in 2016

2015 was a year filled with data driven decision. Those decisions are shaping the way you get your Ving on.   Read more

Without Engagement Your Communications Efforts Are Guaranteed to Fail

The effectiveness of our ability to communicate with others is the cornerstone of most successful companies. With so many different channels for communication vying for our attention every moment of the day, the relevance of information and our communications intentions can become lost in translation. This can lead to: Read more