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2017 Trends Affecting The Importance Of Business Communication




Every year the office changes. It may be physical changes, a new chair or maybe a new piece of art for the walls. Sometimes it is in the software, a new tool or an update. More so it is in the communication. The way that professionals are staying connected is changing — and we think for the better.


We put our heads together and did our research to bring you 8 predictions that we think are crucial to the importance of business communication.


Prediction Number 1 

Our first prediction comes from the Huffington Post. Virtual Offices. Remote offices are going to become more and more common. Millennials want the flexibility to work from a remote locations VS always coming into the office and working from the same location. Virtual offices allow employees with varying personalities to get exactly what they need. This is sure to cause an uptick in employee retention.


Prediction Number 2

Our second prediction comes from the Post as well (great work on your predictions!). Video sessions have already taken over our office and are sure to find their way into yours. With tools like Google Hangouts and Gotomeeting we can connect in real time with employees and customers. Everyone (customers and employees) will enjoy the real connection that they get when communicating with your office.


Prediction Number 3

Our third prediction comes from Prowly and it is all about staying connected. In a world where no one ever truly goes silent it is important to communicate with your employees and customers more frequently. This does not mean that the quality of your communications can diminish. You need to increase quantity and maintain quality.


Prediction Number 4 - 8

Predictions 4 - 8 come in an awesome infographic created by CrownTV . Check it out below.


We want to know what trends you think are most important. Comment below or tell us what you think by filling out this survey here. We want to hear what you think.



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