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holiday shopping is a huge stressor.jpgHoliday shopping brings tears to many eyes each year across the country. Picking out a gift for every single person on your list and then paying for them all? Talk about stressful. And then you have your work family to think about—what in the world are you supposed to buy for them without taking out a second mortgage?


It’s always tough coming up with good gift ideas for employees, no matter the occasion. Anything inexpensive seems too cheap and silly to gift and you just can’t spend half your salary on holiday shopping. These employee engagementH ideas are sure to be a hit in your office without breaking the bank. You can thank us later.


Why Should You Buy These Engaging Gifts?

  • Nothing boosts morale like some thoughtful gifts for the whole team

  • Great gifts keep the office fun and friendly

  • If you develop a tradition, employees can look forward to it each year

  • Highlighting good work with special surprises is a great incentive

  • Taking the time to pick gifts that suit your employees builds stronger relationships


Employee Engagement Gift Ideas

Lunch Party

Providing a small office food party makes a bigger impact than you’d think. 

employee engagement surrounded by food.jpg

Everyone loves food, especially when it’s free. Set up a small buffet in the break room or set up a fold-out table right in the middle of the office, and invite everyone to dig in. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy to get the whole team excited about this easy treat! Food brings everyone together, and all of the thank-yous will be sincere.


Office Snacks

I know I can’t make it through a day at my desk without my afternoon snack around 2:30. office snacks.jpgYour employees will love snacks, too, because we know everyone loves food. There are so many possibilities for this one. You can make up little candy bags to hand out (and a personal note on each one would be even better); store a large bowl of snacks in the break room, in the middle of the office, or in the fridge; or hand out healthy snacks that can be kept in desk drawers. Free food is always a win, but delivering it at the perfect time makes you a workplace hero.


Office Games

This is my favorite gift idea because, unlike food, it lasts all year. office games.jpgOur office has a dart board set up—a gift from our boss—and employees can play when they have a few minutes to spare or they just want to stretch their legs. It’s a great way to spend time with employees and bring a little bit of fun to your work environment. But remember: safety first! Post rules to keep things organized and safe for everyone. We don’t want any darts thrown or nerf guns shot with no safety regulations in place!


Try out one of these great employee engagement gift ideas this holiday season. Maybe you can start a new office tradition! Make sure you’re subscribed to our blog to get more tips on office engagement and employee safety.


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