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"People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections.” — Michael Scott, The Office 

Michael Scott isn’t exactly the world’s greatest boss, but he did make a great point about employee relationships. Happy, engaged employees are safe employees. How do you know if you have happy, engaged employees? Ask them!


Send out this employee engagement survey to receive valuable feedback from your employees today. Knowing how your employees feel about their work environment can help you to improve the atmosphere and create a culture of safety.


Why Is Engagement So Important?

Employee engagement is linked to employee safety. If you want to create a safer work environment, you need to start with your employees.


In a study of nearly 2 million employees across dozens of industries, it was found that companies with the highest employee engagement rankings are subject to up to 70% fewer safety-related incidents than companies with the least amount of employee engagement (source).


Designated as one of America’s Safest Companies, Hunter Site Services in Deer Park, Texas is proof that building a strong safety culture can lead to an injury-free workplace (source). HSE manager JoAnn DelaO understands that it takes a great commitment to create this kind of environment and that the results are worth it. “An engaged employee is a satisfied employee, an employee who will take pride in their work, an employee who will work safe and be an example,” she said. “Those are the types of employees we all want working at our companies.”


How To Get There

We created a quick employee engagement survey that you can share with your employees online using Ving. If you’ve never used Ving before, you can get started here. This survey will help you get a better feel for just how engaged your employees really are at work so you can begin your transformation into a safer workplace.


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By surveying employees, you can learn about their daily work life and find some room for improvement. The best way to figure out what your employees need and want from you is to ask them. Start creating a culture of safety today, beginning with employee engagement.