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Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22 since its birth in 1970. It was founded by Gaylord Nelson in response to the environmental neglect of the time and his observations of student anti-war rallies. He noticed that, if young people unite to fight for a common passion, changes can be made and so much can be accomplished.


This first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. The point is that you can make a difference, even if you’re just one person with nothing but an idea. All you have to do is find more people who believe in your cause and work with them to accomplish your goals.


This year’s Earth Day campaign was “End Plastic Pollution.” Millions of people around the world participated by recycling, using social media to spread awareness, signing petitions, and much more.


You can use ideas like this to motivate and engage your employees. Find a cause that your team is passionate about and help them to make an impact. Use Earth Day as a kicking off point—start a recycling contest or create a community garden. These green employee engagement ideas are great for your team and for the earth!


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Online Resources

There are so many more resources today than there were in 1970, which means that becoming educated and doing your part to save the planet is literally easier than ever. sees the most traffic this time of year, but you can utilize this resource any time. They have information to help you get started as an organization working toward any of your #greengoals, whether you’re looking to attract community members to join in or you just want to give your employees some easy team ideas. is all about empowering individuals to fight for the causes that are important to them. Through Greenpeace, you can volunteer your time, donate money toward the cause of your choice, sign petitions, and more. A great way to get your team involved is by organizing fundraisers to collect money for a green cause! is the official website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency—remember, they were created in response to the very first Earth Day!—and gives some really great information on greener living. Use this resource to educate employees on important environmental issues and to share tips for reducing your team’s carbon footprint.


The Simple Dollar has a guide to sustainable investing if that is your cup of tea. Check out their articles and more on how your company and employees can invest in a better future.


The biggest takeaway from holidays like Earth Day should be that everyone can make a difference. Recycling, choosing eco-friendly options, and being mindful of our daily impact on the earth are huge stepping stones toward the repair and conservation of our planet. By educating your employees, you’re working for an important cause and helping to boost team building and employee engagement within your company.


Most importantly, don’t wait until the next big Earth Day event to come around before you decide to make a difference. The holiday is about awareness so that we can learn and use that information in our everyday lives. So keep researching green employee engagement ideas and use them all through the year!


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