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5 Easy Employee Engagement Ideas You Need To Try This Year


 We know you’ve heard about employee engagement plenty of times before, but do you know how important it really is? Here are a few numbers for you:


Businesses with higher employee engagement see 21% more productivity (source).

Only about 25% of business leaders have a strategy for employee engagement (source).

Customer retention is 18% higher when employees are engaged.

Around $500 billion in productivity is lost annually due to disengaged employees.


Getting employees engaged can be tough, especially in a large, diverse group of people with different interests and personalities. But it’s hurting your business to not work toward actively engaging your employees. Try out some of these great employee engagement ideas to get your business performing at its absolute best.



We say it all the time, and we’ll say it again: Everyone loves food.


If you want to bring your employees together and share some quality time as a team, provide food. You can take your team out to lunch at a nearby restaurant, order pizza for in the office, or arrange a potluck so that everyone can share their favorite dishes.


Decorate The Office

Let your employees bring in decorative items that they’d like to see around the office. Maybe you’ve got some sports fans who’d like to showcase a few bobbleheads or just some team colors—it could make a great conversation starter around the office.


Another great idea is to let them rearrange the office how they want it. By letting employees decide how to arrange their workspace, they’re likely to be more content and productive in that space.


Health & Wellness

Many adults want to get healthy, but they don’t know where to start or they don’t have any kind of support system to help them keep at it. You can create a support system right within the workplace! Creating a health and wellness group in the office gets employees engaged and helps them to make the healthy choices they’re trying to make.


Consider providing resources like healthy snacks, yoga balls, or fitness trackers to get employees engaged and healthy. It’s great for anyone looking to lose weight or just be all-around healthy, and everyone can do it as a team.


Another great time to focus on wellness is for birthdays. Here 60 ways you can celebrate a birthday



Volunteering together can make for great team building, and it could support a great cause that your employees are passionate about. Devoting time and energy to something selfless can show your employees that you’re willing to work with and for them as a great leader. Building a strong team of people who can work together well is a sure path to engagement.



You can celebrate anything with your employees: birthdays, project completions, increased sales, personal accomplishments—you name it. These celebrations can be anything you want them to be. Our choice is food, obviously, but some other great ideas are gift cards, themed apparel days (Hawaiian Shirt Day, Casual Wednesday, Sports Fan Friday, etc.), or even closing up shop early for a day. Little things like these remind your employees that you’re thinking about them and striving to create an enjoyable workplace for them, which—you guessed it— increases employee engagement.



Try out some of these employee engagement ideas in your workplace and let us know how it goes! Engaged employees are the safest, happiest, most productive employees. By making just a few small changes, you can create a better team for your company.



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