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Sometimes it’s easy to just google the solution to a problem and call it a day. Other times, it’s better to have constant inspiration crossing your path to give you new ideas for improvement all the time.


When it comes to employee engagement and retention, you can always use some fresh inspiration. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 7 blogs that are great resources for employee retention strategies.



Saba is an award-winning company in the business of talent management. They know a thing or two about employee retention, and they manage a blog that’s full of helpful advice for business success. Saba’s website is also full of other great resources, like ebooks, checklists, infographics, and webinars.



Toggl is a really fun, modern software company dedicated to creating more efficient products for their customers. Their team is a diverse group from all over the world, and they blog about every aspect of business that you need to think about. Plus, they’ve got a great Unicorn Startup Simulator game you can play online if you think you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate business owner.



TINYpulse creates software for companies who want to invest more in their employees. What better qualifications do you need to run a blog that gives advice on employee retention strategies and other related topics? Well, in 2017, TINYpulse was named one of Puget Sound’s Best Places to Work—time to subscribe to their blog and find out what their secret is!



SHRM is the Society for Human Resource Management, a global human resources society that unites more than 165 countries with their HR expertise and resources. The SHRM Blog covers every HR topic imaginable, making it a valuable resource for many business leaders.


Robert Half

Robert Half strives to create an “engaged and energized workforce” as a long-standing presence in the staffing business. Their blog is aimed at both company leaders and potential employees with their diverse array of tips and research covering employee engagement and retention.



ZoomShift is a young company created by two guys from Wisconsin, but don’t underestimate them. Blog posts written by one of the company’s co-founders give advice on how to thank customers and employees for their dedication and loyalty and offer great tips for small businesses on the path to success.



WhenIWork puts a lot of energy into employee-employer relationships, and they care about the issues that small businesses face daily. Check out their small business blog for a ton of great tips and resources that can really be used in companies of all sizes.


Let us know in the comments if there are other blogs that you follow for employee retention tips! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, of course, and check out some of our blog posts on employee retention.