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3 Facts About The Way People Learn Information

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We all learn information in different ways. It is up to you — no matter the size of your company to train your employees in smart ways. Here are three facts about learning that we think will take your safety training program and culture to the next level.


1. Our brains operate on autopilot.

When possible our brains will operate on autopilot. Doing tasks, we have done before is easy. Without thinking we turn on the TV, wash dishes, take a shower, drive our cars, etc. Make sure to keep your training fresh — even if that requires tiny changes. The last thing you want is your employees to go on autopilot and not notice a huge safety issue.


2. We learn tinier bits of information better.

If you have a huge goal — let's say implementing a full-blown online safety training program — do you think you can do that in a week successfully? Probably not. Now here me out. You can probably get signed up, onboarded, your profile and account set up, and your first training sent out in a week. I know you can if you use Ving because we have done it before. However, you have to take tiny steps to get there, and you have to continue taking small steps to learn about your analytics and how to make smart safety decisions with your training.


Your employees are learning the same way. They need to get tiny bits of training, one day at a time.


3. We love to find patterns.

Our brains are wired to find patterns. You will see this in a million sources on the internet. Trust me I googled it. Our minds will notice when something is "off." Have you ever walked into a room in your house and just stopped thinking, "Something is wrong in here." That is your brain finding a broken pattern. If every day your alarm goes off, you make a cup of coffee, and then get your bag and head to work — that is your pattern. If one morning your spouse drank your cup of coffee and it wasn't there you would notice — your pattern is broke.


Your employees need you to make safety training a pattern. They should expect to get it on the same days at the same times.


So there you have it three facts about the way people learn information. You can take your training to the next level. Remember small steps, patterns, and new.


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