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My New Year’s resolutions are to save more money each month and to be more organized. I just bought a new planner (call me old school), and I’m sure this is the year I’ll finally follow through on those goals. You can make promises to yourself to get better at something any time, but somehow the start of a new year really helps people get more motivated. It’s a great idea to make resolutions for your personal life as well as your professional life. For me, saving money is for me personally and getting organized is more for work.


As a company leader or a safety professional, you’re always setting goals in the workplace for yourself and for your employees. Near the end of the holiday season and at the start of the new calendar year, you can set yourself up for success by planning to improve your safety culture and really emphasizing the importance of employee training. This year, use these New Year’s Eve safety training incentives to motivate your employees and get your safety culture on the right track for good.


1. End-of-Year Bonuses

Some companies give annual holiday bonuses to all of their employees, and some reward yearly performance with tiered bonuses. Whatever your approach, you can take things one step further by adding safety training incentives into the mix. Whether holiday bonuses are given in the form of cash, gift cards, or anything else, you can give employees the chance to earn a little bit more if they complete their training on time.


Set a clear goal for employees to meet with their training, and reward the employees who meet those goals. In order to continue earning those holiday bonuses, they’ll need to keep up the great work. The employees who don’t meet the goals will see how others’ success is being rewarded and they’ll want to step things up a bit. It’s an easy way to keep employees motivated, safe, and feeling appreciated.


2. Time Off

Maybe the holiday bonus budget doesn’t allow for monetary incentives. That’s okay! Try using some paid time off as a motivator instead. Employees who complete all of their safety training requirements throughout the year could be entitled to a scheduled day off or even just a half day. Employees will value the time you give them just as much as any other holiday gift. You could even try shutting down early on New Year’s Eve to give everyone the holiday afternoon off—if everyone has met their goals, of course.


3. Holiday Party

The sky is the limit when it comes to holiday parties. Set goals for the team as a whole, and award reached goals with a holiday party. A great way to do this is in tiers: The lowest goal reached earns a party for the team, and every goal afterward adds a special component to the party. You can come up with these party upgrades yourself or ask the team what kinds of things they’d like to earn. The important thing is to set reasonable goals that earn desirable rewards. The better you know your team, the more successful this approach will be!


Keep your goals in mind. Set your New Year’s resolution, share your goals with employees, and stick with it. Research shows that employees increase their performance by about 27% when they are offered incentives for reaching a goal (source). Incentivizing safety training is just one way to motivate employees within your safety culture, so try out these New Year’s Eve safety training incentives and find out what works best for your team. Motivated, educated employees are safe employees.


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