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3 Ways to Organize Your Training Plan Template For Employees


Are your employees having a hard time digesting everything during their training sessions? Try these 3 different organization tips for your training plan template for employees!

With the start of any new job, comes new faces, a new office, and training sessions. To teach your employees how to do their job effectively and efficiently, you need the right training plan template for employees.

Since I have always been trained well, I believe my employers’ training plan strength came from how organized it was. 3 key elements were found in their training plan

  1. A time frame of how long each activity would take
  2. How each activity would be executed
  3. An explanation and discussion of what was taught in a certain of the sessions upon completion

By using these key elements, you will be able to easily organize your training plan template for employees. Allowing you to have a fully trained and top notch staff.

Timing is Everything

One of the biggest questions asked when doing a training session is always…

“How long is this going to take?”

This is a question I have asked many times before and luckily for me I have gotten an answer either before I asked or I didn’t even have to ask at all. However, some employees do not even get a time frame when it comes to training sessions leaving them disengaged and frustrated.

Some employers have their new hires watch a video about various jobs they will be doing in their new position. At the beginning of each segment, it says how long each activity would take and what would happen after the new hire completed it.

You can implement this in your training plan template for employees as well. Let your employees know ahead of time how long each segment of your training will take so they can plan their way accordingly. That way, they will be more engaged during your training sessions rather than looking at their clock wondering when they will be done with it.

Another great way to improve your training plan template for employees is to explain how each activity is executed as well as being creative with your activities.

Becoming Engaged

Another issues that arises during training sessions for employees is confusion and the disengagement of the activities presented.

Some employers give their new hires a paper copy as well as a video tutorial about how to do the activity associated with the training plan.

Outlining your activities in your training plan is an easy fix! All you have to do is type up an explanation of how to do an activity. You can include pictures and a step by step of what the employee should do during the activity. If you are good with a video camera, you can even make a video like the one I had during my training sessions. This is also great for visual workers.

You can also make your activities fun! Employees sometimes find training sessions boring so spice things up. Add a small game into one of your sessions or try a team builder activity to break the ice in between sessions!

Finally, another way to improve your training plan for employees is to leave time for discussion and explanation of the training session at the end.

Don’t Forget About Discussions

It’s the end of the session.

Most of the time employees have a lot of questions about what they just learned as well as the activity they completed. Some employers do not leave time for questions or discussion about the training session which could cause frustration from the new hirees.

Having a discussion at the end of your session is the quickest fix! Just allot 15 minutes at the end to discuss with your employees about what they learned and be open to any questions they may have. That way, they will not get frustrated when they question why they did a certain activity and not know how to complete a certain job during a normal day at work.

Want another great training plan template for employees? Try ving and send out a video or survey to your employees as a training session!

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