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4 Easter Employee Engagement Ideas For Your Office


Every family has their pick of Easter traditions. All of them make great employee engagement ideas.

Eggs, bunnies, and… PEEPS have found their way into your home! These items play a part in some of the wonderful holiday traditions. Did you know they also can be used in the office, too? Today we are going to tell you how you can use these Easter traditions as employee engagement ideas.

Building an office of people who work together, succeed together. At one time, thinking revolved around establishing a competitive work environment — not any more. Now we are striving to build unity in the office by having successful teamwork. And, teamwork is what your employees want. “86% of employees and executives [cite] lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures,” (Clear Company).


Let’s avoid these workplace failures with a cooperative vs competitive environment. You can succeed at a cooperative environment by fostering these fun employee engagement ideas. What better time of the year for some new employee engagement ideas than the Spring! With the warm weather, everyone will enjoy a quick breath of fresh air! Let’s use some of our favorite Easter traditions to make this month's employee engagement ideas a success.



Did you know that one third of the Peeps purchased are actually used for decorations? (USA Today) Though Peeps may not taste delicious they are great for bringing people together. Join the masses and create a Peep diorama. Organizations around the world use these colorful marshmallows to create masterpieces, and so can you and your team too!

Gather your supplies

  • Several empty shoe boxes

  • Construction paper

  • Packages of different colored Peeps

The Game

  • Split your office into departments

  • Designate a space for each department

  • Give each group the same amount of Peeps

  • Allow for 10 minutes of discussion

  • Allow 20 minutes of building

  • Pick a winner!


On the outside, building Peep dioramas is just that, however, your employees will gain so much more. The 10 minutes of discussion will allow them to practice brainstorming. Brainstorming can be intimidating for some, but when the topic is about candy your introverts may start to speak up.


When working to build their Peep diorama, employees will come across obstacles both with the Peeps and with each other. It is important to allow them to work through each situation. A leader is bound to pop up in every group and this will be a fun chance for your employees with leadership skills to shine.



The Easter bunny is a huge tradition. These employee engagement ideas aren’t all “hare brained” a but, more about bunnies in general. When it gets close to the spring season, bunnies pop up everywhere. There are stuffed animal bunnies, chocolate bunnies, even Peep bunnies. These cute, fluffy, sweet bunnies are great to spark employee engagement ideas.

Gather your supplies

  • Large bunny print out

  • Lots of bunny tails

  • Tape

  • Several bandanas

The Game

  • Split into pairs

  • One partner is blindfolded

  • One partner is the leader

  • The leader directs the blindfolded partner to the bunny poster

  • The blindfolded partner has a bunny tail

  • Whoever pins the tail closest to the correct spot wins


This is a very basic game that has excellent team building bonuses. By one person being blindfolded, they will have to trust their partner. As well, the leader will have to step up and assume the leadership position. Make sure to flip roles, so that everyone has the opportunity to play both parts. This will teach trust, patience, and show true leadership skills. This game may uncover who is able to give directions confidently and who is able to follow them fully. To make these employee engagement ideas more interesting allow the groups to “play” at the same time. This will force the blindfolded person to really focus on their leader and their leader only. They will have to shut out the extra noise, just like a regular work day.



Coloring eggs has always been a favorite of mine and it is pretty simple.

Gather your supplies

  • Food coloring

  • Vinegar

  • Plastic cups

  • Lots of eggs

  • Flat work surface (lunch table)

  • Few rolls of paper towels — for quick clean up

Some employee engagement ideas are less like games and more like a bonding experience. Coloring eggs with your team is a fun and distracting way to relax in the office. Some weeks can get pretty busy and hectic — and that isn’t a bad thing, that’s life. Coloring eggs is something that everyone in your team can participate in. Schedule a team lunch. Provide snacks for everyone to enjoy while they are decorating their eggs. Make sure to display the eggs around the office as a reminder that beautiful, wonderful things can come out of teamwork.



And as our list of employee engagement ideas comes to a close we couldn’t dare forget about an Easter egg hunt! If you are looking for an idea that doesn’t involve blocking off time on the calendar for your employees this is it.

Gather your supplies

  • Tons of plastic eggs

  • Lots of candy


The supply list is small but the prep is a little daunting, so grab your managers for some extra hands. Pack all the eggs with candy — or other fun treats! Fill your eggs with coupons for coffee, free lunches, or anything else you can think of! Thursday night hide them all over the office. Let your employees know that as they go about their day to keep an eye out for colorful eggs, filled with goodness. This is a great way to say thank you right before the holiday.


Now that you have your Easter employee engagement ideas get to planning today! Use Ving to tell your employees about your upcoming employee engagement ideas. Ving allows you to create personalized videos, add documents, images and much much more. 


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