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11/29/17 9:00 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

Good employee retention strategies are crucial to keep your best talent from leaving.

You want to keep your best talent because your best talent is your most engaged. Engaged employees are the safest employees. Today’s post has five articles with great tips and plans for reducing employee turnover and retaining those employees you most value.

Unless you’re a self-employed, totally one-man-band business operation, you need good employees. Good employees make your business successful. And when you find good, talented employees, you want to do everything in your power to retain them.


The costs of losing a good employee are really depressing. It can cost more than 200% of their salary to replace them! Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to create satisfied, happy employees that want to work with you forever (or almost that long).


The following five articles have some best practice tips and strategies you should start using immediately to improve employee retention.


Article #1

Quits Are Up: 7 Employee Retention Strategies Your Company Must Have

Flexibility, training, and hiring right the first time are just a few suggested strategies in this article from Forbes.


Article #2

How to Create a Winning Employee Retention Strategy

Four key elements – performance, communication, loyalty, competitive advantage – should be a part of any solid employee retention strategy.


Article #3

Employee Retention Doesn’t Just Happen: Five Keys to a Clear Strategy

Constant staff turnover is very bad for the health of your business. This article lists five best practices for improving employee retention.


Article #4

Employee Retention: Big Company Tactics for Small Businesses

This article states that how much employees invest in your company is directly related to how much you invest in them personally. Readers are encouraged to implement programs proven to increase retention rates and three are listed.


Article #5

7 Great Employee Retention Strategies

Employees quit managers; they don’t really quit jobs. This article offers seven recommendations to keep your staff working for you.


We hope these articles helped you do just that. Do you have a retention strategy that works for your office? We want to know about it!


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