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Let’s face it. We’re always looking for ways to make safety training more interesting, engaging, and fresh. It can be tough when your training is already packaged and prepared, ready for delivery; but there are little ways that you can spice it up a little.


One of those ideas is to add a short video or audio clip to your safety training. Why should you?

  • It adds a personal touch from a real person.

  • It can help to put the training into context and explain why it’s relevant.

  • Multimedia content is more engaging than plain text.

  • You can add last-minute information that is new or lacking in the materials.


Now that you understand why you should include audio clips with your safety training, here are 5 quick tips for recording audio messages so that your delivered product can be truly effective:


1. Be Clear and Concise

Whatever your message, deliver it clearly and concisely. Don’t add confusion by providing an audio message that’s overly wordy or vague.


2. Add Value

Use your audio recording to add value to your online training. Adding value can come in many forms. For example, introduce the training if you’re starting with a new format or new employees, or provide more detailed information on the relevance to your workplace.


3. Keep it Simple

You don’t need any expensive equipment or special know-how to record a decent audio clip. Just make sure that you’re in a quiet environment when you record and that you speak loudly and clearly into the microphone, even if it’s just on your phone.


4. Script it—or Don’t

If you think you might forget what you want to say or you might trip over your words, you can write out a script to read from. If you find that reading scripted lines sounds too mechanical, skip the script—you can always just jot down a few bullet points to help you stay on track.


5. Be Human

The best tip we can give on recording audio messages is to simply be yourself. You don’t need to use super formal language or read word-for-word off of a script. Try to remember that your recording serves as a conversation that you want to present to your employees, so just be you.


Creating multimedia content for your employees’ safety training doesn’t need to be an arduous or time-consuming process. Spice up your training content by adding a personal touch and creating an engaging introduction to your delivered content.


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