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Just a few more steps… I can tell I am getting closer. Turning left to follow the green indicators and then BAM! Squirtle pops up. The thrill in finding them all is overwhelming. Pokemon Go is the first game of its kind. The phone game is an augmented related game that thrives on a common interest of many generations. According to a recent study more than 9.5 million people are using Pokemon Go on a daily basis. No shame… I am one of them. After playing for a few weeks I got to thinking, “Why am I playing? Why are so many people playing? Will this fad end soon?” These questions got me thinking even more about what business communication lessons we can learn from Pokemon Go even if it is a craze that may disappear with the wind.

  1. Be Convenient

Your communication efforts need to be convenient. Pokestops (places to collect pokeballs) are placed in locations that you may already be visiting; post-office, churches, and museums just to name a few. Likewise, when you are communicating for your business you need to be convenient. Communicate in a way that your audience is used to. If the people you talk to prefer video — share a video with them. If they prefer text — share a PDF.

  1. Go To Them

In the game you have to physically move to each Pokestop or gym. Sometimes when trying to communicate you need to be in front of the person. This can be extremely beneficial for the end of a sales cycle or for communicating difficult conversations with a team member. If you are unable to meet with someone in person, try sending a personal video to them. A personal video can be extremely beneficial for wrapping up the end of your sales cycle.

  1. Pay Attention to Timing

Timing is everything. Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes which means that people have a reason to stick around or come back at a certain time. You need to know when the timing is right. Your communications need to come in the right intervals and at the right time of day.


  1. Know Their Community

Blue, yellow, red… your teams are the community you belong to. These are like the different departments at your office. They may not be out battling gyms, but they are divided in departments all trying to reach their own goals to reach the overall goal — to catch them all. When communicating make sure to know your audience or  the community you are reaching out to. The language and device you use to communicate with them may change depending on their area of focus.

  1. Help Level Up

You have hatched a few Pokemon,walked a few miles and then the much sought after badge comes up — Level 2. Your levels are like continuing education. The higher level you are the more committed you are to the game. The more educated someone is on a topic or on their job, the more committed they will be. Consider burst training or share current information that supports your employees in their fields.

  1. Stick to It

In order to get different Pokemon than you could normally find in your area you have to hatch them. To hatch a Pokemon you have to get up and get walking. In your business communication sometimes you need to be persistent. It is easy for people to fall through the cracks. Make sure to keep up with people and always let them know why it is important that you are communicating with them.

Just like Pokemon Go if you follow these 6 lessons your business communication will be trending and all the rage. For more great tips on how to communicate at your business download this free eBook below.


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