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6 Tips For Engaging People Who Are Hard To Get Engaged With Training

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Motivation is a fickle mistress. Just like a seesaw, there are high and low motivation moments, and it's hard to carry out tasks when your motivation level is low.


No doubt, the fickle nature of motivation is a major bone of contention between employers and employees. Most times employers expend lots of resources to carry out different training sessions to boost the effectiveness and productivity of their employees. Therefore, it's disappointing when employees show indifference to this training. So, how can you engage these reluctant employees in career development courses? Well, we've got you covered via the following tips.


Associate the Training with Positive Feelings

At the core of economics, lies the idea that incentives or rewards are great motivators. No doubt, it's the thought of getting a promotion with a larger pay grade and bonus that pushes some employees to work harder. So why don't you utilize this concept to get your employees engaged in the training program? In fact, food is widely regarded as the best incentive to spur employees to attend training programs. Using food or any other physical incentive is effective for boosting motivation levels. Mind you, the effects of these incentives are regarded as temporary solutions. Why? Workers will only look forward to the training as a way of getting these physical incentives.


Give them Solid and Compelling Reason

Yes, physical incentives like food and rewards don't work all the time. Heck! They only provide temporary solutions. Therefore, you have to boost their motivation by giving them a compelling reason why they should participate. Make them understand that it's not just a routine session. Rather, communicate with them about how training will improve their work performance and ethics. In fact, create a psychological conundrum that their productivity depends on their participation and engagement with these training. Show them that their current mode of operation has limits, which can only be surpassed by the knowledge gleaned from the training.


Remove the Fear of Failure

For some employees, learning is quite a daunting and rigorous process. Sometimes, this feeling stems from the fear of adding more responsibility to their daily routine. More so, the fear of more accountability after the training is also a major factor. So, how can you get them to overcome their fear? Well, counteract their fear by helping them to understand that undergoing training will help boost their self-confidence and awareness.


Give them a Voice

Let's face it: we want people to value our opinions. No doubt, it's a great confidence booster for employees when the management values their opinions before embarking on issues that affect them. When it comes to career development and training, it's imperative to seek your employees' feedback. Yes, it's a great idea to know their preferences. Mind you, there are times when asking for employees' opinions on certain issues might lead to unproductive results. So, you have to know when to intervene and take a decision that benefits the company. Here's a way to get your employees engaged in training sessions: make the training less daunting or grim. Remove any proverbial ax that's hanging over their head if they don't participate. Besides, employees will cherish it more when it's an interactive session. So, training topics bordering on self-development should have a light and interactive feel.


Integrate training into the Company Culture

Here's an excellent way to get your employees engaged in company training st. Let them see this as something more than a form of career development. Yes, integrate training into your company's core structure and values. Hold on! This doesn't translate to shoving training down their throats. Rather, let them see learning as a priority. To achieve this, you will have to go beyond setting a periodic training session. Create an active centralized knowledge base that actively engages your employees all the time. More so, encourage questions and problem-solving in your workspace. Here's one last nugget for you: don't make these training sessions a once-in-a-time thing. Continually engage your employees in career development training without interrupting their work schedule. What more? Start the process from the top: from C-level executives to subordinates.


Use Multiple Formats to Spice up the Training

Most times, we often get distracted and disillusioned by conventional training sessions. No doubt, it's easy to lose concentration when the training is not stimulating. So, get your employees engaged in training by utilizing a myriad of training gadgets. For example, you can utilize electronic learning devices. These gadgets offer flexible learning programs that enable your workers to learn anywhere. No doubt, this encourages them to focus and adhere to the training programs.


Wrapping Up

Training is unarguably the major catalyst for career development. Therefore, it's a necessary partner for employees who want to climb the corporate ladder. Let's not forget that training also boosts productivity in the workspace. Therefore, utilize these tips and get your employees engaged and interested in training.


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