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7 Compelling Reasons You Need To Add QR Codes To Your Safety Program

Have you ever tried to convince someone to do something or maybe convinced them that you were right? It can be challenging. We know that many of the people we come in contact with have a hard time convincing two groups of people — employees and leadership.


So today, we want to arm you with seven compelling reasons you need to add QR codes to your safety program this year. Not all of these seven reasons might apply to you, but we think even picking the top three will give you a pocket full of ammunition to get everyone on board. We also think you might be surprised by the things you didn't know qr codes could do.


1. Safety Where Your Employees Are

It can be challenging to figure out the right training schedule. Maybe you sit down at the beginning of the year and try to figure out what months would be best to deliver training. We do this for our customers! We load in their content, suggest months based on a variety of things, and they are off to the races. However, what if forklift training isn't until March, and they need to drive a forklift today? This is where QR codes step in and save the day.


Simply print out QR codes that link directly to your online safety training so employees can get a quick overview of everything they need to know to stay safe today while they drive a forklift or use a piece of equipment.


2. Save Time On Delivering Material

Your time is valuable. You do not have time to chance down every employee or even to log in and share training. With QR codes in the field, people can keep up with their training without you having to log in and share material.


Think about if one employee is out for the day, and someone else has to step into a position that they are generally not responsible for — QR code! They can scan a QR code that leads them to a refresher, full training, or even a customized content piece that tells them about new company-specific information.


3. Improve Relevancy With Your Training Content

Once you print out a QR code and place it, you never have to replace it. And we do mean never! Each short URL link in Ving is revisable, and we handle all the redirects for you. You can detailed analytics telling you who viewed which versions of content, who didn't view content, and which version is currently active. All this happens with you never leaving your desk. So print it, place it, never touch it again.


4. Reduce Paper Costs

In-person training is excellent and sometimes required. Think about CPR training or, again, forklift training. It doesn't make sense to think that you can learn how to perform CPR or drive a forklift without ever practicing in person. However, online training steps in and helps reduce the cost of papers printed out, as well as, gives employees easy access through... QR codes!


Do you have a bulletin board or company updates area around your shop floor or warehouse? Place QR codes that cover these types of emergencies like phone numbers, CPR processes, and more.


5. Improve Engagement With Technology

Everyone wants the newest piece of technology — primarily when it works. Reviewing the same old in-person training, all sitting in a room and watching an hour-long video, it doesn't work. Your employees might be saying, "ugh, I don't want to do training every day." However, they are not learning.


It is up to you — and us — to figure out a way to engage your employees in safety training while increasing the amount of information they learn. We do this with microburst training technology called Ving.


6. Increase Retention Of Material With Short Microbursts

Which gets us right to reason number six, using microburst settings. Simply set up your topics and set your microburst settings. The goal is to get your employees down to 5 minutes of safety training every day. This keeps content fresh in their minds and allows them to get back on the production floor. If you currently do 2 hours once a month, you might want to consider starting weekly. Twenty minutes once a week. Once your employees are getting more and more used to that, you can slowly adjust it down to the optimal learning time. This is the beauty of technology that works and learns with you.


7. Integrated With Your Current Safety Program — Ving

Having training analytics show up in multiple locations is a headache for everyone. With QR code training and ving, all your analytics will show up in the same tool. Simply require a log-in and analytics will show up under the right people and the proper training no matter how they are delivered.


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