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The Next Big Thing In Safety — QR Codes


You might read the title and instantly think, “QR codes are so old. No way are they the next big thing.” We get that. According to the Digital Dealer, they believe that QR codes might have gotten a bad name because of their use cases. For example, people would place QR codes randomly and take people to sites that really were not providing any information that was helpful or informative. This is when we decided that QR codes are not the problem. The problem is how people are using QR codes.


The next big thing in safety — QR codes.



Training Where Your Employees Are

Training happens in one of two ways. People are pulled into a classroom or training is sent to the employee. What if we flipped those theories upside down and put the training where the employees are.


Imagine if your employees got to their work station, scanned a QR code, and instantly had what they need to review before starting the job for the day. Your employees would be trained at the moment where they are.


Training When Your Employees Need It

It can be tough to know when is the best time for your employees to complete a microburst lesson. For example, what if you have multiple shifts, what if some of your employees have more time at the beginning of their shift, what if they are more focused in the afternoon? These are a lot of variables. The ving platform does it's best to adjust reminders to your viewers, but ultimately we can't be in the minds of your employees.


If you had a QR code posted to a forklift and an employee was about to use a forklift, you could have an internal policy that before using a forklift, you have to scan the QR code. You can then apply this to all equipment, workstations, vehicles, etc.


These QR codes could lead them to safety best practices, microburst training, and more!


No Replacement Codes Needed

And finally, you might be thinking but what about when I want to update the training, add more best practices, or swap out a policy document. With ving as your training platform that is easy! QR codes will keep up to date with any revisions made. This will allow you, the safety trainer, to stay in your comfy office chair while your workers on the shop floor have the latest and greatest training.


You might have thought QR codes were a thing of the past but they are not. Schedule a demo today to learn about our microburst training, QR codes and more!


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