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7 Safety Trends You Shouldn't Avoid In 2020


2019 was a big year for online safety as the world wide web saw major security breaches almost every week. With technology advancing faster than ever and more and more businesses getting online through websites and mobile and web applications, the stakes of security breaches increase. As a result, many business leaders are making online safety their number one priority this year. However, the complexity of online security has reached such a level that business owners can no longer manage it or protect their businesses' online identities themselves. It is, therefore, important to invest in quality resources and to employ experts in the field. Should a business want to develop new products, such as web and mobile applications, or improve existing ones, a business can hire C programmer with expert knowledge in online security to ensure there are no loopholes in internet-connected products. This year, no one can afford to leave loopholes for hackers, viruses and malware.



Let's look at a few safety trends you shouldn't avoid in 2020 to protect your business' identity online:

No two business are the same when it comes to core practices and processes. The same goes for businesses' online safety needs. Every business has its own vulnerabilities and requires its own customized solutions. However, if you stay up to date with the latest safety trends, you have the core knowledge to implement the correct processes and employ the right resources to keep your business secure.


  1. Safeguard the way you communicate

No matter how you choose to communicate when doing business, there are safety threats around every corner. Today, businesses mostly use online methods, such as Internet of Things (IoT) systems, mobile en web applications and email to communicate. To create profiles and to activate accounts, personal information is often required. Hackers and scammers can easily get their hands on this information through loopholes in the systems, poor passwords and a lack of security layers. If a business wants to stay safe online, it needs to protect its communication channels. A few security tips include:

  • Creating strong passwords and updating it often

  • Adding two-factor authentication as an extra security layer

  • Never sharing highly confidential information via online communication channels

  • Never opening strange links

  • Never opening messages or emails that have not been sent from a trusted party


2. Keep your consumers safe

Consumers are your business' most valuable asset and have to be protected at all times. If you have a business website, ensure that you have an SSL certificate and a fully functioning malware protection program installed. This will protect your buyers' most valuable personal data.


3. Guard your business against artificial intelligence (AI) threats

AI is now increasingly being used as a proxy for certain crimes. Most security solutions that are used today are built on the idea of human logic. However, with the growing use of AI in the online world, more security systems are becoming vulnerable to new threats. Hackers are using AI with traits similar to human behaviors, including the ability to respond intelligently to certain situations and the ability to adapt to a specific environment, to break through security layers. It is advisable to invest in the latest security solutions that are built with AI threats in mind.


4. Invest in the best programming language

It pays off to invest in quality. The same goes for when you want to develop new applications, hardware and software for your business. Ideally, you want to use a programming language that has been around for plenty of years and which have stood the test of time.


C is a highly efficient programming language that has been around for 40 years. Today, C web development and application programming are still trusted and used for a variety of applications. If you are planning to develop new products or want to improve existing ones, app and web development using C is an efficient and effective option.


5. Hire an expert team

No longer can a business afford to operate online without the help of an expert team. Today, developers are trained in online safety and know exactly which protocols to follow and which defenses to implement for safe practices online.


If you require application or web development in 2020, it is worth looking at hiring C programmers. These experts are now in high demand. Today, finding an affordable expert C programmer for hire can be a tricky task, but looking on the right platforms, you can find skilled experts at excellent rates. A C programmer salary usually differs from expert level and experience, as well as country of origin.


6. Be aware of API attacks

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer significant benefits, including allowing data to be shared between different applications and to external parties. However, they can be quite insecure and often create vulnerabilities that can be used by cybercriminals. These attacks are set to rise in 2020, because it offers an easy entry-point into a business’ IT infrastructure.


7. Invest in frequent professional security audits

Phishing continues to be one of the biggest threats, especially for mobile users. This year, efforts to avoid phishing can be increased by running frequent security audits. Audits are done to spot web vulnerabilities specifically. This should be done by an online security expert.


Hacking, phishing and malware are nothing new. For many years, businesses have been fighting off security breaches and every year, it seems more advanced threats are unleashed into the online world. The best your business can do is to implement safe and secure practices and processes, invest in quality solutions and find the right development team to work on internet-connected products and systems. Finding the right team for your online products can be tricky, but is essential in ensuring you invest in safe and secure app and web development. Searching online for 'C developer skills' and 'C developer salary' will guide you in finding the right candidates. Remember: You can no longer skimp on online safety measures; online threats are now a bigger risk than ever.



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