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Why Should I Worry About Home Safety For My Employees?


As a safety or company leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure your employees are kept safe on the job. You do this by providing a danger-free environment, training employees, and maintaining the workplace according to safety standards.


You may think that the jobsite is the most dangerous part of an employee’s day, but maybe it’s not. Do you know what kinds of hazards your employees are facing at home? Are they equipped with the knowledge to be safe? Keeping your employees safe on the job won’t do you much good if the injuries are occurring at home.


You may be thinking, On-site safety is my job, so why should I worry about home safety for my employees? That’s a fair point, but we’ve got three reasons that explain why you should care about your employees’ home safety.


Minor Injuries Are Not So Minor

Falls are one of the biggest causes of injury, both on the job and at home. Minor injuries sustained, including back, knee, and neck, can become a major hindrance on the job—even when the job isn’t labor intensive. Hand injuries are also common, and our hands are one of our greatest tools as humans.


Employees with these minor injuries simply cannot perform their duties to their full potential. Keeping employees safe at home allows them to come into work injury-free and healthy. Accident prevention does not end when workers clock out for the day.


Severe or Fatal Injuries Cost You Employees

More than 18,000 Americans die each year because of injuries sustained at home (source). That’s more than triple the amount of annual workplace fatalities.


Life-threatening injuries cost you employees. Whether these injuries are caused on the job or in the home, the result is still the same. By helping your employees stay safe at home, you’re keeping them alive and well for their jobs, families, and every aspect of life.


Some employees may never be able to return to work after a severe injury at home, and others require extensive time off followed by light duty. Employees lost by death or severe injuries impact everyone, including your business. That’s why it’s so important to take care of them on and off duty.


Time Off and Light Duty Slow Productivity

Time off and light duty both interrupt the flow in your workplace. When an employee is missing from their normal role, others must step in to fill the role or productivity will cease. This can lead to overloading employees or spreading them too thin. The quality of business decreases if you’re employees are given more than they can handle.


By keeping employees safe and healthy, you can help to ensure that workloads are balanced and progress is maintained.


Safety is a full-time job. It doesn’t end when your employees leave work. By sending them tips and reminders about common home injuries, you’re helping to make sure they stay safe at all times. So why should I worry about home safety for my employees? Because home safety and on-the-job safety work together to keep people safe in their lives!


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