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A study found the 93% of companies close fewer deals than what they forecast. I would say it's safe to assume that 100% of those companies want to close more than they forecast. But how do we make that possible?

Here at Ving we believe that sales engagement is more than just a buzzword. In 2017 the people who are engaging with their prospects will be more successful and will close more of their forecasted deals. Below is an infographic to show you 9 ways you can connect and engage your prospects. Remember, your prospects are real people that want a real connection with a real person they can trust. Build a relationship with them if you want to sell to them.


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1. Connect on LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a great network so you and your prospect can read about one another. You may even find success in messaging them directly on LinkedIn over regular email.

2. Communicate Regularly Through Any Form Of Communication - It is important to stay present in your prospects lives. So if that is connecting and tweeting and following on social sites — do it! If that is shooting a regular email or phone call — do that!

3. Every Communication Needs A Purpose - make sure that you are checking in with a real purpose. We all get enough emails so make yours worth it.

4. Follow Them on Twitter - twitter is a good balance of professional and personal. Follow your prospects so you can get a better understanding of their every day problems.

5. Be An Active Listener - be a good listener and remember what is important to them.

6. Talk About Them Instead Of Just The Product - if you talk to them about their problems and their interests your product and sale will find its way into the conversation VS trying to force your product in upfront.

7. Address Their Concerns - if your prospect brings up a concern, address it directly.

8. Smile And Stop Complaining - no one likes a complainer. You are more likely to make a sale if you remain positive.

9. Answer Their Questions - do not avoid a question just because you are worried about how they may respond.


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