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4/26/12 9:34 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

Modern office system phone with large LCD screen. Isolated on whiteNew technologies provide innovative ways to create professional voicemail messages.

“Please leave your message...beep…” Professionals are faced with the dreaded voice mail every day.

From routine office messages to customer communications, voicemail is your vehicle to open the door to future dialogues. How do you capture your listener’s attention and how do you know they received your message?

We all know that we need to grab the attention of the recipient in the first few seconds. Succinct, clear messages are the best. It is also important to be conversational and use voice inflection to emphasize important points.

Many times this is difficult to do when we are on the spot. After all, we called with the intention to talk directly to the recipient and now we have to create a recording.

Here’s a new idea: use interactive video email instead of standard voicemail to create professional messages that really stand out.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Video email? What’s that?” Let me explain.

Customizing messages for your recipients

Interactive video email, such as Ving, is a platform that enables you to record yourself with your webcam to deliver a personal, impacting message to your recipient. Your video or audio recording is sent through email, text, or social media to your recipient. The recipient receives your Ving message, which is totally unique, and they can see your facial expressions and hear the tone of your voice.

With interactive video email, you have plenty of time to plan what you are going to say and try your recording a couple of times so your message is perfect and really grabs your recipient’s attention.

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Knowing they received your message

Also, you’ll know when someone listens to your message through the dashboard reporting that is available in Ving. There is no more guessing if someone received your message. You’ll know when you can follow up to keep communications progressing. You can even include some survey questions to measure commitment or ask follow-up questions.

We have entered a new era where online technologies enable us to communicate in new and better ways with each other. Ving video email is a great way to engage with customers and ensure that you are leaving the best possible professional and engaging messages.

Today's blog post written by Brad Gant

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