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Be More Productive with Your Mobile Communication Tools


For most of us, work doesn’t stop when we leave the office.

We’re constantly connected through our tablets, cell phones, and even our watches (thanks, Apple). You remind yourself that you’ll just quickly check your inbox while you’re in line waiting for your S’mores Frappuccino, but you end up replying to 3 emails, placing a business call, and setting an appointment instead.

Having all of this technology at our fingertips all the time means we must be more productive, right? For the most part, yes, but only as long you’re optimizing your communication tools. Along with constant connectivity, we’re subjected to constant distractions that veer our attention from the task at hand.


According to Stanford researchers, you’re more productive when you focus on one task at a time.


That isn't always easy when your smartphone can do so many things at once. Setting some basic guidelines for when you use your mobile device for work can make a huge difference in your productivity. Working hard isn’t the same as working smart. Follow these tips when you’re working on-the-go, and you’ll be more productive. Stop just working hard and start working smart with these 7 tips for mobile digital communication. Download your cheatsheet to mobile communication tools below!


Download Mobile Communication Cheatsheet



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