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The holiday season is in full swing. Every year I try to plan out what we are going to get people, what foods we are responsible for cooking, and what needs to be done around the house before it is full of people. Every year I find myself distracted at work thinking about my lists.


This year is no different which is why we are partnering with SafT Integration to bring you this blog on distractions in the workplace. If you missed our first blog about safety reminders when using space heaters you can find it here.

Alarming Distraction Stats For Thought

  1. 80% of employees have a smartphone nearby at work. 55% of employees say they waste time on their phones and texting.  (source)

  1. Employers estimate that about 2 hours every day is wasted due to distractions. (source)

Distractions are not just wasting time and losing productive work hours. They can cause some serious safety issues. Remember those lists I am always thinking about? Now imagine if I was also thinking about them and operating a forklift or working at heights... EEEK!!

  1. Simple 3-second distractions can double the chance of error. (source)

  1. 3,477 lives were lost in 2015 due to distracted driving. (source)

  1. In an 11 year span, more than 11K people have been hurt due to distracted walking. (source)

Seriously people, cut out the distractions. Your holiday list will be there when you get home. Make sure that you are keeping your mind sharp and focused so your holiday can be spent safe and sound with your family. As much as every Manager and CEO wants you to be productive they want you alive and well even more!


Join the pack of people staying safe this holiday season. #CutTheDistractions


why you need a safety culture - infographic