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More and more is moving online nowadays. Communication, entertainment, data storage, homework, entire classes, and so much more is happening online today. So why are some companies still delivering safety training to their employees using outdated methods?


Make this the year that your company modernizes its training approaches and makes a positive impact on its safety culture. Here are just a few of the great reasons why we love online safety training and why you should consider including online training at your company today!


Tracking and Reporting

Employers are responsible for keeping track of who’s completed training. This can be a rather tedious and cluttered process when sign-in sheets and completion certificates are involved. Moving training online means moving tracking online. Employers can view data for all employees in one place and recall the information at any time This is especially convenient if the training deals with different groups of employees or multiple training sessions over time.


Less Downtime

It can be nearly impossible to gather everyone in the same place at the same time when you take into account personal time, vacations, and sick days. Pulling everyone from their workstations also leaves the work floor unmanned during what would otherwise be a productive business day. Online training can be accessed from anywhere at any time, meaning your employees can take care of necessary training when they’re not in the middle of important tasks.

Even if you still do some of your training in person, it is likely that not everyone will be able to make it. Record your in-person training days and share the video and questions via an online training platform so your trainers don’t have to schedule multiple sessions. These recordings can be used as refreshers later in the year as well.


Improved Comprehension and Engagement

Not only can training be completed on a flexible schedule, but employees can also work at their own pace and really interact with the material. In a traditional classroom-type setting, the whole class must move at the same pace, and they don’t receive specialized attention for areas of confusion or difficulty. Individual online training can give the type of versatile learning sessions that benefits the majority of employees.


Remote Workers

With this increase in online communication comes an increase in remote work in today’s businesses. Many companies are willing to allow their employees to work from home at least part of the time, and online training is perfect for these types of workers. Travel time and cost is eliminated for training purposes, and all employees still receive the exact same training with consistency.


Making the switch to online safety training will benefit you, your company, and your employees. If you want to give online training a little test run first, try out a free trial from Ving. We’ve got premade templates that you can send to your employees with built-in tracking features, and you can create your own custom content to send out!


If you’re aspiring to improve safety in your workplace and create a real safety culture that lasts, consider trying out a few new approaches this year. Talk to one of our Ving safety experts today to find out your Safety Snapshot Score, and you can find out exactly which areas could use a little extra training. You could make this the best year ever for safety in your workplace!


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