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In any sort of production, we are often forced to choose between quantity and quality—and it’s no secret that quantity usually wins. With some things, though, quality can be maintained even when a large amount of consumers are involved and only one producer. Of course, we’re talking about safety training.


Training the entire workforce in a large company is a daunting task to say the least. You’re on a budget and a schedule, but the training still has to be effective and engaging. This can seem nearly impossible for a lone safety trainer.


What if we told you that you can easily create personalized training for different groups of employees in your workplace so that everyone gets the exact training that they need? It’s true: you don’t have to choose between quantity and quality after all!


With a tool like Ving, there are so many options for customizing your employees’ training experience.


Hand-Selected Lessons

Your company will have access to dozens of playlists, or sets of lessons covering specific topics. In order to deliver only the most relevant content to the right employees, you can send individual lessons or playlists to groups of employees for consumption.


This ensures that each person receives exactly what they need to review; nothing more and nothing less. With too much inapplicable information, learners are likely to lose focus and retain less of the vital information. Fill the training time with only the most pertinent content to make it as effective as possible.


Custom Messages

Standard training can be sent to all of your employees at any time, but sometimes a custom message or additional note creates a better sense of purpose and shows that management cares about the training their employees go through.


A good example of custom messages added to the training content is this: An incident has recently occurred in the workplace involving a forklift. Management decides to send out the forklift safety training to every employee as a safety reminder. Rather than sending out the training as-is, the safety manager includes a personal video message explaining how the accident occurred and why the training information must be reviewed.


This adds some substance to the content and gives employees a transparent reasoning for its importance at the time. This kind of strategy can be used in many different situations so that your training is personalized for your company’s needs.



Using templates can save you a lot of time and energy. Whether they’re premade templates or your own creations, this is a great way to send out updated information or to make everything uniform. Select the content for your company’s own template library and you’ll be all set up to start training your employees, no matter how many people you have to train.


With these simple features, your training quality doesn’t have to suffer with greater quantities of trainees or lessons. Consider making the switch today so your small team can make a big impact on your company’s safety.


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