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Employee Engagement Rated at Successful

steps to success in your officeWould your company be a great nominee for the Achievers’ 50 Employee Engagement Award? We have some ideas that are sure to get your company in the top 50.

Achievers 50 is a organization dedicated to identifying companies that distinguish themselves in outstanding employee engagement. Organizations are evaluated in eight categories; leadership, communication, culture, rewards and recognition, professional and personal growth, accountability and performance, vision and values, and corporate social responsibility.

Being singled out as an award recipient is a high honor. Moreover, employees of these companies receive the satisfaction of being actively engaged at work and knowing that others across the country recognize their organization’s unique culture and commitment. Some of this years top 50 include well known companies like, HP Software Professional Services.

Taking a closer look at the criteria provides creative insight into how your company might strive to get what it takes to succeed with your team.


Like any well run organization, it is essential to have a smooth and well operating leadership mindset. And, it is up to the leadership to incorporating motivation and drive into your employee engagement plan. Making those around you feel as though this is an environment where constant encouragement and praise is found.

Great leadership will boost work ethic all around — strong leadership is a strong team. Perhaps John Quincy Adams said it best, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” This is the kind of motivation in leadership that singles out a company above the rest. A well established leadership team will run and engage a successful and productive staff.


Great leadership follows with great communication. "The two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through," Sydney Harri. Harri had it right. Communication is getting through to your team. Having a constant flow of communication within your organization allows for everyone and anyone to connect on the same page.

Communicating effectively reinforces the company as an open and welcoming environment. Positive employee engagement begins with establishing an open framework where goals are set, team members are encouraged to participate, and welcomed to become a part of the process. Strong and regular communication lets your employees know that they are valued.


Communication will help your company decide who is the perfect fit for your office culture. Having shared values within you employees will earn you an organized team. Achievers 50 notes that, “Great companies have something in common: they all have a unique corporate culture which binds people together in positive ways and galvanizes employees to excel.” Therefore, allow your employees to be aware of what cultural values your company holds, as well as learning what values your team members hold in their own personal lives. Completing the process of collecting valuable information will place your company's culture on an understanding path to success.

Rewards and Recognition

What better to show your appreciation towards your employees than with special recognition! Noting that an accomplishment has been made will have your employees feeling successful and appreciated. “A well-defined recognition and reward program allows employers to effectively differentiate between good and poor performers and aligns employees to the organization’s business goals and objectives, which enables remarkable business success,” Achievers 50. Reward your employees with a simple thank you, for just becoming a part of your organization. Posting a simple flyer noting the success of a particular employee or a group of them will reward both you and them for their success within your company. This is just another idea for employee engagement that will have your company on the top 50 in no time!

Professional and Personal Growth

We are learning new things everyday. Offering your employees the opportunity to learn new skills as another idea for employee engagement will allow your employees to grow within the company, and within his/her role. Becoming a better employee is what we all seek.

Take the necessary time for new possibilities, and watch your employees excel within the team. “All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners... Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing... not moving toward excellence,” Denis Waitley. While teaching new material, keep an open ear for new information as well, professional growth may be a two way street.

Accountability and Performance

Keep your performance on the high end of the scale. When your company may be lacking in an area get on top of it. Everyone has areas where they wish to improve. You may not be the perfect person to fix every job, but there is someone who can. Find the person best suited for that position and get the job done right. That person can even help you grow by teaching you a new skill.

Presenting the right job to the right person will have your company running at it’s utmost best. Keeping your performance at it best will continue to let your employees to feel accomplished and know that they are in a well operating environment.

Vision and Values

Along the same line of culture values, be certain that everyone within the company is sharing the same vision for success. Achievers 50 touches on this too, “Take in what visionary items your employees value and voice what visions are essential to keep in tact for the company. Know your vision and stand by it.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reach outside your company and show your employees that there is more than what is going on within the organization. Take part in your community. Put your company’s name out there as one who cares and communicates. Touch the lives of those who could feel forgotten. Have a strong name for your organization and hold your head high. Your employees will be more engaged at work, if you’re engaged in the community.

What ideas for employee engagement will you use for your company? Demonstrating a strong leadership will build a strong company, as well as strong team. Communicate to your company excellent values and give credit where credit is deserved. Your employees will know that your are engaged in their lives at work, and in the community. Now that you know where to excel, you and your team will be sure to be on the Achievers 50 soon enough.
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