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Google Apps - The Best Communication Tools for Business


Within our office, we use several communication tools for business, however one tool stands above the rest — Google Apps.

Google dominates the business world, especially when it comes to communication tools for business. Finding the right tool that can do it all can be hard, but not with Google.

Working from home is no longer a problem. Anyone can work from home and stay connected with their team, any time of the day from any location. Never worry again about forgetting a document or leaving a flash drive at home... Google has thought of it all.

Google is a pro-noun, a noun, and even a verb. You can Google just about anything. Nearly 12 billion searches are made monthly using Google according to DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings, 2014).

Yet, Google is so much more than searches, it is the communication tools for business that would be a great move to use in 2015. Let’s look at a few of the Google tools that more than 5 million other businesses are already using.

Google Calendar

Using a day planner? You won’t miss it. I’ve been one to carry a planner in my purse since high school. Even when smart phones came out and had calendars built into them — I was skeptical. Google calendar has caused me to throw my planner in the trash can. You can schedule meetings, webinars, and all of your business events.

Ever have a huge project and need an hour to dedicate to just that, with no interruptions? Block an hour on your calendar! This will tell your team that you are busy, working on a project, but will be available soon.

Google Docs, Presentations, and Sheets

Let’s go ahead and smash these three wonderful apps together. Docs, Presentations, and Sheets are easily defined as simplified versions of the ever popular Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. And as the saying goes… simpler is better. These easy to navigate apps allow you to create, edit, and collaborate with your entire team!

Remember mandatory group projects? Now anyone can work with team members states away without picking up the phone. No need to send out emails stating, “See attachment …” and then never attaching anything. When you are ready to send it don’t worry about attaching it, just share it! How many times have you been editing a document and sent the wrong final draft? With these apps there's only one version, constantly being updated in the cloud.

Google Hangout

Have a team member that lives in Georgia? We do! No need to fret about your out of office team members not staying in the loop. With Google Hangout you can have a face to face video chat. No more external programs needed, just simply click their name, and then video icon. Instantly you will be in a virtual meeting with any team member, anywhere. 62% of companies allow employees to work remotely (Gist).

You can see why we voted Google Apps the best communication tools for our business. With Google our team stays on the same page. And of course a little shameless plug, if you are looking for a tool in 2015 that will allow you to send smarter messages, Ving is the tool for you! With Ving you can send video, images, documents and so much more — all in one place. 


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