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How To Create An Industrial Safety Leaflet For Your Company?

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Many companies' safety and Human Resource directors are required to write a safety guide for the employees' work. This is quite a challenge for many people because it's very important to know the main secrets on how to create an industrial safety leaflet that will be effective.


In this article, you will find useful tips on making a successful safety campaign for your company using various methods and tools. These hints are made for HR managers and safety directors who usually have to work on this issue.


Anyway, creating a successful safety guide is important because there are many methods that will not bring any positive effect. Your main goal is to give people full instructions about safety. For example, if you put a poster on the wall, this is not helpful. It's just like you would put a sticker on your house that says "Angry dog inside". In fact, no one pays much attention to this message and if a thief decides to go inside, they don't care too much.

7 Simple Hints to Create a Successful Safety Guide

Of course, making a good-working safety guide requires experience and particular skills. There are piles of information you can find on this subject but if you need short and effective instructions, feel free to follow the easy tips below to develop a successful guide for your company:


1. Make A Plan For Your Future Document

You need to do it to formulate all the safety rules correctly. Before you start making a safety guide, you should gather information about the company to understand the main ways to improve safety during work. Write down the main topic and then create a short description to each of them to explain all the needed actions to employees in different situations. Think about which additional visuals (pictures, videos, presentations) you can use to create a clear and short guide that contains all the important safety moments in the particular company.



2. Try To Use Positive Language In The Guide

When you focus on the behavior you don't want from people, do not write about it! Avoid negative messages and slogans because they are absolutely ineffective. Instead, write about what you want people to do and provide them with well-understandable and simple instructions. Nobody likes to read complex and long guides, but people prefer simple and detailed descriptions that provide everything clearly and fast.


3. Be Creative

When you are developing a safety guide, it's possible to create anything that will come to your mind. Use your creativity to provide people with the needed safety rules effectively. For example, you can make short and simple videos or start designing a safety training guide about the company's safety instructions. It's quite easy to do using special graphic editors, including Avidemux, Canva, and many others. With these useful tools, you can make short videos to explain the main rules for safety. It works effectively because people understand video instructions more easily and fast compared to reading long and boring paper guides. Of course, you can create paper guides too because, for many companies, it's necessary for safety documentation, but supporting this guide with video instructions would be perfect!  

4. Keep It Concise

Remember that people do not like to read or watch long messages that contain too much information. Try to deliver the main idea shortly, with simple theses. If you create videos, do not use too many messages there. It's better to make simple and well-understandable schemes, charts, and guides than describe everything in a long paper document. For example, if you create video safety instructions, you can use a picture in picture video editor to use this effect for giving all the needed information in a more simple and understandable way.


5. Avoid Jargon Words And Expressions

You need to be sure that everyone in the company will understand the guide. It's not a place for any jargon words because not all employees can understand you right. Try to avoid complex and long sentences that do not bring any additional sense.


6. Write Attention-Catching Messages

Avoid common phrases that do not work properly because most people will find them boring. Think about what phrases and sentences you can use to make your guide interesting to read or watch. Short but clear phrases will help you to provide employees of the company with all the needed information about safety. In addition, people remember eye-catching and non-ordinary messages much better than any boring information.


7. Add Some Visuals To Your Safety Guide

Do not worry, visuals will not distract people from the main idea, but help to deliver all the needed information properly. Visuals are a powerful way to explain all the rules to employees in a short and understandable way. Visuals can become a part of safety training for coworkers when they have to learn new safety rules. You can create a safety training video or make a presentation that will explain everything fast and clear. Visuals can become a perfect addition to paper safety instruction to deliver the most important moments. Feel free to use various tools and graphic editors, for example, InVideo, Machete Lite, or VSDC Video Editor to help you make a successful and simple industrial safety leaflet to provide employees with the main safety rules of the company.



Making a safety guide for any company is not an easy task for its safety director or HR manager. We hope that our tips were helpful to you. Nowadays, safety takes an important position in any company because you have to provide your employees with easy and well-understandable instructions, depending on the company's specialization.  


Visuals are important components that can improve any safety guide and make it more understandable for employees. It works more effectively than just a paper document because it helps to explain all the needed moments in a simple and effective way. Providing your employees with eye-catching safety instructions will help to increase the level of safety of your company and improve its level. Needless to say, it's quite an important question in our times that shouldn't be ignored.



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