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We all have a preferred contact method. No matter how formal that sounds — we do. And sometimes that changes depending on what the communication is and who it is with.

We are Ving so obviously we are going to focus in on how you can deliver your safety training to the right people and in the way they want to get it.


Who are the right people?

When you are using Ving to deliver training there are several key people you communicate information to; your employees, your CEO, and your HR department.



Your employees need to receive training. They are looking for short bursts of information they can consume easily anywhere.



Your CEO is looking for the data! I have yet to meet someone in upper management who has told me, "you just do what you think is right and we will see how that goes." No way! They want to know how things are working, if they are working, and what is the return on investment.


HR Department

And finally your HR department. They are the ones getting the OSHA call. They need to know the training analytics. Who has does what training, when did they do the training, how much did they complete, etc.


Now that you know the who, let's talk about how to get them that information with Ving!


How to get them the information they want the way they want it.

When you are loading contacts into your address book you can pick a preferred delivery method. You need to observe your employees interactions with your Ving or send a simple question via the current form of communication to ask if they prefer to get Vings delivered to their phones or their email inbox.



The best part is when your employees are set up into a group you don't have to think about their preferred delivery method. If they are in a group in your contact book we will deliver the Ving invitation to their preferred delivery method.


CEO & HR Department

For your CEO you should do the same thing! You can even include other upper management and your HR department who would like a monthly report on how things are going, the trainings that have been completed, and who did the training.


You can simply export your analytics, upload them into a Ving, and share to the group. Again, you don't have to worry about always remembering their preferred contact method once you have selected it in Ving!


Here is a helpful article on how to export your analytics.


Now you are ready to deliver your content to the right people the way they want it best! Do not delay. Take the time to mark everyone's contact method. You will see your views and engagement go up by simply taking a few moments to update this setting in Ving.