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When I watch tv, I can usually only sit down for one episode at a time. I’ve got friends texting me and telling me that I need to catch up faster, but I really don’t have the patience or the attention span to binge even my favorite shows. Binging, for me, means that I miss things because I lose focus, I don’t remember as much, and honestly I enjoy the show a lot less. It’s almost like watching too much too fast has ruined my favorite show for me.


Now, just think. If I can lose interest in my favorite tv show that easily, think about how easy it can be for your employees to lose interest in their training materials. That’s where microburst safety technology comes into play. You can use engaging content delivered in optimal formats to get the most out of your employee safety training.


Create Microbursts

You need to break up your training into “bite-size chunks.” In a lengthy video or lecture, it’s difficult to identify and remember all of the individual points made and topics covered. It’s much easier to focus on the main points of a shorter, more specialized lesson.


Think of it like school courses. Classes are spread out through the week in small sections. Rather than dedicating every Monday to only math and every Tuesday to only science (and so on), these topics are covered every day or every other day in shorter segments. We’re not saying that you need to train every day, but the idea is to chop things up and spread it out. Weekly training can be highly impactful in many workplaces.


Deliver Your Content

So now that you know that you should break up the training into smaller pieces, how are you going to deliver it? A classroom setting isn’t ideal for these short lessons—it would take longer to gather everyone together and get settled than it would to cover the content.


If you have a short video and a facts sheet to accompany it, you can send it to your employees electronically. With platforms like Ving, you can send these out via email or text at any time, and you can customize your content with a personal message or other attachments.


Choose a Time

When is the best time to deliver this content to your employees? Every workplace is unique with a distinct group of employees, so it’s up to the safety professionals and leaders to make these kinds of decisions. Depending on what kinds of devices you’re working with and what each employee has access to, you could send out daily tidbits, weekly training modules, or monthly units—or anything in between.


Post-incident refreshers are simple with microburst safety technology. Select the specific information that relates to the recent incident and send it out to all of the appropriate employees. The small dose of information can be easily absorbed and retained and is solidified by the relevance to real-world events in their workplace. It’s kind of like that season recap that you get before the new season of a show starts. Sure, you already watched last season, but it’s been a while and you could use a reminder of what happened before you move forward.


Using microburst safety technology is an easy way to engage employees, deliver important information, and complete training requirements all in one small package. Don’t forget to check out our blog post on Why We Love Online Safety Training today!


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