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Humble Brags Turned Employee Engagement Activities


employee engagement activitesThe humble brag is almost as popular as creating memes. Did you know that bragging can be part of fun employee engagement activities for your office?

The infamous humble brag and a bit of sarcasm are two pieces of our culture and sometimes daily communication. They are also two of the biggest mood busters. Sarcasm can be truly funny but if misinterpreted… it can cause some serious waves in the office.

Some of your employees may be known for the ever famous “humble brag.” If you’re wondering what a humble brag is — think of them like brags in disguise. They are a brag hidden in a statement where the person who is giving the brag is pretending to be clueless. Just typing that sounded confusing. Let me give you a few examples.

“Wow my weekend was so busy, I felt so horrible but I had to cancel plans because too many people want to hang out with me”.

Or how about…

“I don’t even have to do anything to my hair in the morning because it just naturally looks this good.”

But bragging doesn’t have to be all bad right?! Your employees may be doing it because they feel under appreciated. No matter the reason, you can make bragging a part of your effective employee engagement activities.

Brag Board

Create a brag board in your office. Make sure to hang it somewhere that everyone can have access to. Having a brag board in your office allows people to write down their accomplishments and also the accomplishments of others. When starting your brag board is it important to lay out weekly employee engagement activities until everyone in your office feels more comfortable with the board. Each week has a different objective/activity that will get your office bragging.

Week One

During the first week that you introduce the board have others anonymously write something on the board that they are proud of — a “humble brag.” This can be work related, not work related, let them pick. At the end of the week share a picture of the board with the entire office. We suggest doing it through Ving! This will give everyone on your team a chance to read what some of their other employees are really proud of.

Week Two

During week two allow your employees the chance to write a brag about someone in the office. This is my favorite! It will encourage people to say something positive about one another that they normally may not say. At the end of the week do the same thing, take a picture and share it through Ving!

Week Three & Four

During week three and four give your employees full reign. Remind them to stay positive. Give them the chance to sign their comments if they so choose. At the end of every week make sure to share the picture with the office and clear the board!

Humble brags may have a bad rap but they happen for a reason. Starting employee engagement activities that get your team up and moving and sharing will encourage your employees to do their best. Ving is a great tool for employee engagement activities like this one and many others. You can share pictures from outings, volunteer work, and even office scavenger hunts. The more activities you do as a team the more you will work like a team!


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