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Top 5 Trends Among Ving's Community Of Users — Big Positive Impacts From Changes Within Reach

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For all of you cat owners out there you know that there is no point in even raising your voice, most cats are not even phased. Even right now, I am battling to finish this blog because I am also trying to convince my cat that it would be a wonderful idea if he did not sprawl across my keyboard.

So what can you do? Many cat owners turn to other solutions (like spraying water) to try to get your feline to understand your message. Communicating with contacts can kinda feel like trying to convince a cat to do anything. So what solutions do you try with your prospects, warm leads, and customers to increase their sales engagement?

Here are 5 tips that we incorporate to our communications at the Ving office.

1. Change up your subject line.

If you normally try a straightforward subject line try changing it up to something that will catch your contact’s eye. For example here is an engaging subject line for cats, “The secret to catching the red dot is here.”


2. Change your medium.

If you are using regular email and getting no where it is time to change up your medium. Try using a tool that allows you to share video, audio, files, and images to engage your contacts. Click here to learn more about how Ving can help you engage more of your contacts


3. Connect on social media. 

You need to be where your contacts are. Try connecting with them on social media so you can be more involved in their everyday. Just like cats sometimes people will not come to you, you have to go to them. 



Yes this one is in all caps on person. It is so important to be personable. This means that you need to communicate with your contacts on a 1:1 basis and not just through your automated emails. Make sure that you have a good headshot for your email and a professional signature (hint: put your social handles in your signature so you can do tip 3 at the same time!). 


5. Clean, clean, clean.

I am not talking about cleaning your cat’s litter box, I am talking about your address book and your inbox. It is important to keep an updated contact book — for the obvious reasons. It is equally important to keep a clean email inbox. For all of you people out there that are close to hitting the 3,000 or more notification number this may give you a “cat-attack”. But think about it just for a moment. If you do not keep a clean inbox how do you know that you haven’t missed something? We suggest to archive emails that you want to have on file but have finished addressing. 

So those these tips may not work with your cat — they are sure to work on your contacts! And to help give you a bit of inspiration check out our template library playlist for sales! Click here and check back because we are adding new templates all the time.


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