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8/6/14 6:50 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

Our new infographic gives you 8 reasons why you should use videos instead of paper as your primary internal communication tools.

paper vs video and internal communication tools

Remember the days when videos were just fun little pieces of entertainment used to occupy us in school while the teacher took a brief break?

Well, those carefree days are long gone. Big businesses and organizations are now firmly harnessing the power of video to improve internal communication both with employees and customers. And they’re discovering huge benefits along the way.

Increasing the use of video is a big trend right now

11 internal communications trends you’d be crazy to ignore reveals that over 70% of internal communications teams plan to increase their use of video as a method of employee communication.

“More and more companies are adopting a YouTube-like approach to video,” the article says, “introducing libraries that let employees search for videos, comment on them, tag them, embed them, and upload their own as a means of sharing information and knowledge.”

Harnessing the power of video for better communication

It may be easy to think that creating videos is just an optional “fun” workplace feature, but it’s clear that video is a vital business tool to improve internal communication and increase employee engagement.

Professional communicators must stay on the cutting edge of technology to encourage and implement those resources and tools that will improve internal communication, and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

Looking for more reasons why you should use video as one of your internal communication tools? Check out our free eBook.



Rebecca Whittenberger