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8/21/15 9:59 AM Stephanie Hunter


What if you were able to combine the best of the best in communication channels that would make your effective email communications outstanding for internal outreach?

As a child of the 50’s and 60’s, we were the ones who not only had to get up to turn the dial in order to get to another station, but we only had a handful of choices: NBC, ABC and CBS. Scary thought to the population today, where there may be close to 50 national broadcasting channels.

Communication channels are analogous-loads of options: there are a myriad of ways to connect with your contacts: face to face meetings, email, intranet, video, audio, text, events, print, notice boards, site visits, webinars, voice mail or even forums. Choice has become our way of life. Given the fact that business communications still relies largely upon email: what would make your effective email communications the most engaging and compelling?

To think about this, let’s dissect the strengths of each of communication channels. published a strong primer that highlighted each of the thirteen channels — evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each.

communication channels and best practices

Combining the Best of the Best

In scanning the column of the “bests” of each channel, how is it possible to combine the strengths of all 14 channels into the most effective email communication? Meaning can we integrate key attributes of: face to face, video, print, forums, audio, text, email and webinars into one technology?

The same way that TV has transformed itself from 3 channels to over 50, the answer is yes. Today, it is possible to adopt a technology/business tool that allows business leaders to:

  • Record a video easily/cost-effectively: being personal and eliminating misunderstanding.
  • Include a text component to ensure that key points are highlighted — this keeps your communication concise and always recipients a clear understanding of key points.
  • Create and include a PDF/document that may be printed translates to your team being able to return to the document for reference again and again, they may even be able to post this on a bulletin board.
  • Record an audio message that may be played over and over again are ideal for remote employees.
  • Write a quick survey that encourages feedback and measures understanding.

Better Yet

Too good to be true? Nope, it’s true. Ving allows senders to put all of the best communication channels into one “container” and push it out to recipients. Better yet, senders are able to track real-time engagement with each of the assets that are included.

Myriad of Applications

Wondering just how often you can use this business tool? Here are 10 applications that will increase your effective email communications.

  1. Human Resource policy updates
  2. Sales burst training
  3. Sharing updated marketing/sales brochures with voice over
  4. Meeting preparation: planning and budgeting
  5. Leadership address
  6. Annual employee survey
  7. New employee orientation and welcome
  8. End of day update
  9. Remote team sharing
  10. Employee event promotion or post video of the event

It’s an inclusive powerful tool that will keep your effective email communications at the top of your channel ratings.

Now where did that remote go…