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Learning the Ropes: Training Methods for Employees

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Are your newly hired employees having a hard time adjusting to the workplace? Try these training methods for employees to be sure everyone is on the same page!

Reminisce with me for a few minutes.

Think back to your first week of work. As a new employee, I bet that you may have been experienced at least I bet 1 out of 4 feelings

  • Nervous
  • Confused
  • Shy
  • All of the above

I remember when I first started my job here at Ving, I was all of the above.

For starters, I was nervous because it was my first "real job" meaning an actual office setting with a staff of some of the brightest and most creative employees. My nervousness also made me very shy at first which made me seem a little shy (and anyone that knows me, knows I’m FAR from shy!) Most of all, I was confused. Here at Ving we use a lot of different tools that I have never used before. The worst part? I’m not the best at technology and for being so young, you think I would be super tech savvy.

Put it into this perspective. My little cousin had to teach me how to add people on Snapchat last week so yes, not tech savvy.

However, because of the great training and positive environment I had in my first week at Ving, my nervousness went away very quickly and I was able to adjust very quickly to my new work environment and my “big girl job”.

Training method for employees are always crucial to any workplace, especially for new hires. A few ways you can be sure to keep your new employees engaged during their new hire period can include giving a warm welcome, instituting ongoing effective training methods and having check ups to see how they navigating and adjusting to their new position.


It is crucial to have your employees feel welcome during the first few weeks of starting their new job. It is important to make sure they are happy to have taken a job at your company. If we focus on the personal welcome training method for employees can be the first step of the new hire process.

When I had my first day at Ving, I walked in and had a sign on my desk that simply stated “Welcome Taylor!” and also a little quote to keep my spirits up on days when I might get stressed out in the future. Another thing I really enjoyed about my first few weeks at Ving was how welcoming the entire workplace was to me. Everyone here is really close and it is always nice to be around positive and friendly coworkers, especially in a new setting. With how welcoming everyone was, I was able to open up very easily and be myself.

You can do this for your new employees as well. As mentioned earlier, it is hard to adjust to a new environment especially if an employee (like me) was entering an actual job instead of part-time jobs to get them through college. You need to make them feel as welcome as possible. Take note from my first week, make a sign welcoming them to your office! This will make them feel special and excited to start their new position. Have them get to know your office as well. Invite them to lunch with your crew! I guarantee you this will help them feel more at home.

Besides the “warm welcome” another important training method for employees is to have efficient training methods to make sure they are not overwhelmed.


Efficient and clear onboard training is the definitely the most important training method for employees. You want your employees to know exactly what they are doing so they are not so overwhelmed within their first few weeks of starting their new job.

At Ving, we use a lot of different tools for creating and publishing our content. We like to make sure we all know how to use these websites to make our content awesome! But as I mentioned earlier, I’m not the most tech savvy person.

Luckily for me, I had the best training from my supervisors during my first few weeks at Ving. They taught me how to do everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Ving was actually used to train me! With Ving, we were able to send files that were needed for the job and also walk through videos that showed exactly how to post blogs and create content. The best part was, I was able to playback the video as much as I want (because I did get confused the first few times I will admit).It was so nice to be able to learn about all the different outlets we use to publish our content and even more amazing to know that I can actually use these websites effectively. My learning experience didn’t just stop after my first few weeks, I am still learning more everyday whenever I come into work and I can easily get the hang of everything now!

You can easily apply this method to your new hires as well. During their first few weeks, have small burst training whenever there is a lull during the day. Sometimes we still do this at my office and it really helps me understand what new software we are using.

Another interesting thing to do is to have spend time with other members in the office and see what else goes on besides the things they will do on a daily basis. I did this on my first day and it really helped me see all the amazing things the company has to offer.

Along with onboard training, another great example of a training method for employees is to have periodic status checks especially within the first 90 days to see how the new hires are feeling in their position.


Have you ever wondered how your new hires are feeling in their position? If you ask yourself that question, it would be great to use the “check in for progress” training method for employees.

With any new job, there always comes anxiety and stress especially after training sessions. With that being said, you should always have a small “check in” with your new hires to make sure they are not feeling overwhelmed and if they are, find out what they are having trouble with so you can help them with whatever they may need.

During my first few weeks (and still to this day since I am still fairly new), my supervisors will send me Vings to check in to see how I am feeling and get meaningful feedback on questions, areas where we can work jointly to help get the job done and many more ways to help. I find this very useful because if I am feeling overwhelmed, I am able to tell them easily. I also feel very comfortable being honest especially because of how positive our environment is. I can say if the environment was not positive, I wouldn’t be as about.

This is a great idea for any employer, especially after training sessions for new employees because new information presented can be a lot to handle and grasp at one time. A way to implement this method could be to check in with your employee every Friday and see how they are doing. Maybe even offer to take them to lunch to talk about their progress and how they are feeling about the company.

Want to use something new as a training method for employees? Try Ving today and revitalize the way you communicate!

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