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Fun Activities for Office Engagement [Infographic]

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If you’re in need of some new fun activities for office engagement in your workplace, check out these ideas.

Whether your employees enjoy outdoor activities, fitness programs, or helping others there’s an activity for everyone on this list!



Taking a group fitness class together not only encourages wellness in the workplace, but has a positive effect on productivity. You are more alert after physical activity, making it easier to focus on your tasks for the day. A few examples of fitness classes that are independent, but still happen in a group setting are yoga, spinning, meditation, or Zumba. Plus, showing off your dance moves — or lack thereof — might help you bond with coworkers!

If you like the idea of fitness, but want to make it more exciting for your employees try holding an office wellness contest. Friendly competition can be a great way to engage employees, plus it gives everyone an excuse to lose those few extra pounds they've been meaning to work off! Throw some incentives in there, and everyone will be vying for the title of ‘biggest loser’.

Keep your company in good graces & focus on employee engagement.


Sign up your office for a community service project. Find an improvement project in your area by calling your local city hall for a list of community service events and dates. You might also want to contact a local animal shelter and schedule a day for employees to give back by playing with the animals. Working together in a different environment than the usual office space can help refresh and revitalize everyone’s mental capacity.

Not only will employees feel good about their contribution outside of the office, they'll get to network with other people in the community. Building professional and personal relationships helps foster collaboration across the board.

Hold an office-wide canned food drive. Local food banks and homeless shelters are always in need of donations. Set a goal and encourage teams to raise more than their coworkers.

Professional Development

"Once you stop learning, you start dying." - Albert Einstein

One of the secrets to success is life-long learning. To promote this with your employees, encourage them to set professional goals, and check up on their progress periodically. For example, start an office book club and pick books that will expand professional development. Hold weekly or monthly discussions on key takeaways.

Attend a workshop or speaker series as a group. Want to stay in office? Watch a TED talk during lunch once a month— they can be extremely motivating and insightful.

Team Building

When employees are happy, they are more engaged with their work. Have an office party when you reach an important company goal or milestone. Celebrate accomplishments, it keeps everyone going.

Hold a potluck lunch to get employees from different departments to mingle. Knowing the faces behind the team fosters collaboration.

Offer weekly casual dress days. You're more productive when you're comfortable!


Office engagement isn't limited to fun activities like the ones listed above — keeping employees engaged is an ongoing process that requires productive communication. Ving "digital packets" are an innovative and engaging way to connect with employees.

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Have any other fun activities for office engagement? Comment below, we’d love to hear the fun and creative things you’re doing.

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