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You’re probably familiar with the expression, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

There is something valuable to be learned from that classic idiom that HR leaders can benefit from. The knowledge that employees will be more productive if they are happy, and in order to make them happy they need to be engaged at work.

Employee engagement is so important that Gallup conducted a study to see if it really makes an impact on productivity. They found that business with the most engaged employees were four times more successful than those with disengaged employees.

Let’s do a quick test. Look back at your workday yesterday. Did it fly by, or did it seemingly drag on and on? If 5 o’clock seemed to find you pretty fast, it’s safe to assume that you were engaged in your work and enjoy what you do. On the other hand, if you were watching the clock and counting the hours until you could go home — you probably weren’t so engaged in whatever project you were working on.

Increasing the morale and energy level in your workplace doesn’t have to be complicated, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities for office engagement that you can try today! Increase profitability and productivity in your office with these five tips.

1. Team Yoga

Have a yoga instructor come into the office before work on a monday for an energizing start to your team’s work week. The group activity will double in team building and a fun way to prepare for the week ahead.

2. Casual Wednesdays

Dress down fridays are common, so try switching it up and having a casual day in the middle of the week! Wednesdays are usually the time when employees hit a slump because they are only half way through the week, but start thinking about the weekend. Having a day to feel more relaxed can boost morale and ease your team over the mid-week hump.

Improve onboarding and streamline paperwork with new employees.

3. Group Service

Doing service projects as a team can be a blast. There are sure to be some organizations in your community that would love to have volunteers on a saturday morning, or even a few hours after work. Taking some time to focus on something other than day-to-day office activities can significantly improve engagement in your office.

4. Redecorate the Space

A few months ago everyone at the Ving office took an hour to rearrange and redecorate the office. It was fun to work together to make our space more visually appealing, and we each got to put our own unique touch on the decor. Something like this helps to build those team connections outside of projects and meetings.

5. Special Days

Periodically, special fun days such as People Magazine’s “Bring your Pet to Work Day” or potluck lunches can increase employee engagement by giving your team something fun to look forward to. Special days like this can lighten the mood, and make going to work a little bit more fun.

Choose a combination of these fun activities for office engagement, or just one. Your employees will be more productive in no time!

 Fun Activities For Office Engagement Infographic Free Download