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12 Fun Activities For Office Engagement To Fit Every Personality


There are 7,349,713,055 people in the world today at the most recent count.

The United States Census Bureau estimates that every 8 seconds another person is born — and each of us are unique, with different hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

There is no exception to this when it comes to office engagement. It is important to remember that each of your employees are different, and so they will respond to activities designed to increase engagement in different ways. Keep this in mind, a fun activity for office engagement that may have been successful for you in the past may be unsuccessful with your current team, so it’s important to have a variety of different activities ready to test with your employees.


That’s why we’ve compiled a varied list of 12 diverse activities that will help increase employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. These activities will connect with a wide spectrum of different personalities.


Although each of the activities in the infographic have some kind of theme — such as wellness, team building or professional development — they all have one thing in common in, they are fun activities for office engagement. 


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We want to know what activities you do at your company to keep things fun and engaging. Send us an email or chat us on social media. We want to add your favorite activities to our infographic so other companies can be engaging their employees too.


The real cost of a disengaged construction workforce or any workforce will truly surprise you. Disengaged workers are more likely to be involved in an injury than those who are engaged. So don't delay putting some of these activities to use today so your employees can stay safe at work.


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