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Stay Full With These Employee Engagement Activities

employee engagement activitiesNormal daily office routines may slump after massive work pressure. Companies with consistent employee engagement activities keep their workforce active all the time.

Having engagement activities in the office will keep your employees relaxed and refreshed. Not only does having fun at work increase team building, bring togetherness, relieve the stress of work, but it helps emotionally attach employees to the workplace. However, coming up with a cost-effective employee engagement activities each month can be a challenge.

We have heard about the importance of togetherness within your close group of friends, why not share it with work! The term ‘potluck’ is a gathering of people, where each person contributes a dish to be shared with others. The planning process for a potluck in the office is simple and is a great add for your engagement activities.

Engagement activities are essential when you want your employees to truly engage in what they do. Having a potluck lunch is a great, cost efficient way, to get the employee engagement activities rolling.

Steps to prepare.

  • Decide the date and time. Fridays are great since the office is relaxed and in is gearing into the weekend mood. It’s a great time for your employees to engage without worrying about their work.
  • Communication. A week or two prior to the date you have chosen, send an email to all of your employees. Be sure to include the date, time, and location so your employees can plan and confirm they will be joining, use Ving to ensure you haven’t forgotten anyone!
  • Posters. Have posters dispersed around heavy traffic areas to remind employees of the upcoming event.
  • Sign-up sheet. This allows your employees to sign up for what they would like to bring. The sheet can be hung up on the company bulletin board where everyone will see it every day.

Change it up.

Doing this activity once a month is great! Instead of having the same style of potluck lunches each month try giving themed days to keep your employees interested. Having a Mexican, BBQ, and/or Italian day are all great to start with. To better involve your employees have a culture day. Have each employee make a dish that reflects their culture and ask them to give a brief history within their family of the dish and where the dish originated from.

Surprise your employees.

The day of the potluck lunch arrives and there are various foods everywhere and things are going awesome! Throw a little surprise in once your employees are finished eating. Place a voting box in the room that allows your employees to vote for the best dish they had.

You can tally up the votes in whichever way you want and as the activity comes to an end, give gifts out for the best dish of the day.

Planning out employee engagement activities are great for the reason of knowing how the setup be for the activity— especially for this one because of all the various dishes that will be in attendance. In the end, the most important thing to remember is to always make employee engagement activities fun, by doing so you will keep your employees excited for the next one. What better way to engage with employees over food!


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