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Adults know not to stick their hands into moving machinery or position themselves where they could become stuck—it seems like common sense, right? These are lessons our parents taught us when we were little. Don’t get too close to the campfire. Don’t put your hands on the hot stove. Don’t stick metal objects in the outlets. Even though we all were told what not to do, sometimes we still did it.


Accidents can happen on any job site, so it’s important to educate employees on the dangers of caught-in/between hazards before a potential incident can occur to help minimize the likelihood of a fatality.


Dubbed one of OSHA’s infamous “Fatal Four” causes of workplace fatalities, caught-in/between hazards have long been established as a serious concern in the construction industry. The year 2016 saw 72 deaths on construction sites from these accidents alone (source).


The Path to Better Training

The first step in preparing for a safe workday is understanding hazards and the associated precautions. Providing training that is concise and engaging is one of the best things you can do for your employees to help prevent these incidents.


On average, attention and viewership drastically decline after around just 6 minutes of video (source). For something as important as employee safety training, you want your audience to continue their focus on the content for the entire duration, right?


That’s where microburst learning comes in: content is delivered in 2-5 minute “chunks” for optimal engagement and retention. With short, precisely aimed content, employees can receive training information that is timely and relevant too.


How Ving Can Help

With Ving’s training on caught-in/between hazards, your employees will review lessons on all aspects of caught-in/between hazards on the job.


The lessons outline:

  • The definition of caught-in/between hazards.

  • Different situations and types of these hazards.

  • Trenching, shoring, and demolition specific hazards.

  • Vehicles and heavy equipment hazards.

  • Power tools and machinery hazards.


Each lesson contains a video with examples and breakdowns of potentially hazardous situations followed by demonstrations of the proper precautions that employees should take to avoid caught-in/between hazards and minimize risks on the job.


Employees can watch the video content and read accompanying materials before completing a short quiz for a comprehension and retention check. Reviewing these short microburst lessons one at a time ensures that focus can be kept on the topic at hand and employees can take in quality training in a more efficient manner.


Whether employees need this as first-time training or as a quick refresher down the road, these are simple, effective lessons for all employees.


Keep in mind that even adults need reminders of learned content, especially to keep them safe on the job. Remembering to keep learning topics concise and consistent will guarantee more effective training for caught-in/between hazards and much more.


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