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Social Media has Given Effective Communication Strategies a Face Lift

Social Media is effective communication strategiesIf you are not using social media in your office, you may want to give it another thought and make social media a part of your effective communication strategies.

Think about which communication tools you are using in your office, and for what specific purpose. Eighty-one percent of employees use their mobile devices (Cisco & Comscore). Do your communication tools work on your team member’s mobile devices?

Some of your communication tools may work on mobile devices, some may even have their own mobile versions or app. Mobile devices were created for communication. Arthur C. Clarke’s world from the early 1950’s, an essay he wrote envisioned a "personal transceiver, so small and compact that every man carries one.” Indeed, this has come true. Fast forward to today, you can now keep in touch with family with just a simple phone call. Texts are for short communications, when you just don't have the time to dedicate to a call. But what about social media, how does this fit in?

Some office communication tools are starting to overlap into a “social media esk” type environment. There are chat boxes, photo sharing, commenting, and much much more. This social media esk type features are trending and are giving your effective communication strategies a facelift.

For more effective communication strategies, look at these 5 communication platforms.


Google Hangout is an instant messaging and video chat platform, that allows you to communicate with remote employees very effectively. Located right in your chat box, there is no extra setup.


Yammer is your business social media site. Yammer is a private social network. With Yammer you can stay connected with your employees and co-workers — just like you would with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or the many other popular social media sites.


Chatter is a part of Salesforce. Chatter makes applications built into Salesforce collaborative. With Salesforce you can keep track of all your client communication, with the Chatter that action is aimed towards the social aspect. Chatter recommends people to you based on other activity in Salesforce. This allows your team to grow together and share knowledge across multiple locations.


Jive is striving to find the solution for collaborative communication in business — bringing a closer connection between employees and clients. Depending on what version of Jive you have contributed to what and who you are being social with. Want to be social with your employees, try regular Jive. Want to engage in online communities with your customers try JiveX.


Saving the best for last, Ving software is an all in one communication tool that allows you to send smarter messages. With Ving you can send video messages to team members all around the world. Communicate with your customers and get their feedback instantly. Ving tracks your message from your computer, to their inbox, to them interacting with the different parts of your message.

So pick out your social media tool that fits best within your company/organization. Stay connected with your employees, co-workers, and clients. Soon your office will have the most productive, effective communication strategy in place.


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